My bucket list


I have not been there yet, but I really want it in the future!

Much more realistic:

  • Malta – I want to go to Malta as it is a small place, but like a paradise in the middle of the sea. I love islands and I might even consider living there for longer in the future.
  • Finland – I missed my chance for going to Helsinki while being in Tallinn, but I still believe it might happen.
  • Greece – maybe they have crisis, but they will not close the nature. Or at least I hope so :)
  • Spain – when I was younger I was obsessed with Spanish language, culture, music and relaxed lifestyle. For now, my fav movie is “Mar adentro” (sad, but beautiful, can recommend to anyone!) by Alejandro Amenábar.
  • Portugal – I want to see the famous trams in narrow streets of Lisboa!
  • Albania – I am kind of fascinated by those less popular European countries. Some of my friends have been there on holidays and they had great memories! Maybe it’s a good destination? :)

Less realistic:

  • Australia – yes, that’s my dream no. 1. I want to explore the nature and stay at lively cities too. And yes, I am dreaming of seeing the Australian Open live.
  • South Korea & Japan – I was always curious about these countries. The culture that might seem to be weird for us, Europeans, is something normal for them. And yes – I do not mind checking all those “weird” Korean and Japanese things!
  • Colombia – I heard something about this country being the happiest in the whole world, need to check that. Plus, you know, they have the best coffee in the world too ;)
  • The USA – Just to see if New York is really so busy and Chicago really so Polish :)

Of course, if anything of that happens – I will remove it from here :)