2016 – you’ve been good. 2017 – you will be better!

I was supposed to publish something else today, but I think this could wait for the next year. Indeed, the next year – time flies so fast. Most of us are already tired of 2016, they are happy that it finally ends and 2017 is supposed to bring something better. For me though 2016 was a good year, better than the previous one, but still – there are things I can improve on.

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Just some random Kraków pictures

Yes, I know last time I posted was like billion years ago, however I decided to spend this evening to share some of Kraków – you can know it as Cracow as well which is a commonly used English name for this city in Poland. I was there last weekend and I made some pictures of the places that I visited. I must say that I am not surprised that this city is very popular amongst tourists!

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The gardens of Wilanów Palace

Warsaw has plenty of tourist spots that are located outside the center – one of them is a Wilanów Palace that is located in Wilanów area – known for the fact that it is considered to be one of the richest areas of Warsaw. The palace area is well maintained and what is especially eye catching are the gardens around it.

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