2016 – you’ve been good. 2017 – you will be better!

I was supposed to publish something else today, but I think this could wait for the next year. Indeed, the next year – time flies so fast. Most of us are already tired of 2016, they are happy that it finally ends and 2017 is supposed to bring something better. For me though 2016 was a good year, better than the previous one, but still – there are things I can improve on.

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Farewell post: what will and what won’t I miss about Estonia

All right, it’s almost time to go. I am leaving Estonia on Friday, so it’s still three days, but that is nothing comparing to 7 months I stayed here. These were both hard and satisfying 7 months, the longest I stayed abroad in my life. There are things I would surely miss about Estonia, but there are things I am leaving without any sadness. Here they are!

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Night seaside sky in Tallinn

Yesterday evening I needed to relax a bit after work, so I decided to take a walk on the Stroomi Beach (you can also find it under names Stroomi Rand or Shtromka – with the latter one used by Russian speaking population). It’s never a problem for me as I live just nearby.

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