2016 – you’ve been good. 2017 – you will be better!

I was supposed to publish something else today, but I think this could wait for the next year. Indeed, the next year – time flies so fast. Most of us are already tired of 2016, they are happy that it finally ends and 2017 is supposed to bring something better. For me though 2016 was a good year, better than the previous one, but still – there are things I can improve on.

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Warsaw’s shopping: Hala Mirowska

Our times are marked with glass skyscrapers and modern shopping centers where all you can find is the same and the same stores, filled with not-so-high quality products and full of people who are not buying, but they are just looking. One of the places that has some history and you can still buy some nice products there is Hala Mirowska, located just 3 tram stops from Warsaw’s Central Station.

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City bike experience

My second post about my stay in Warsaw will not be filled with pictures this time, but some of the information would be definitely useful for you when you are planning to visit Warsaw. The capital of Poland has its own citybike system – the cost is very low and the ride is just a pleasure!

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Polish traditions: Easter

I need to share two things with you: first one is that I nearly packed my stuff and this means I found some time for blogging :) The second – on Friday I will be already in Poland – working a bit, but also – enjoying our celebrations – Easter!

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Kartacze vs. Cepelinai – tastes of my region

So I just booked some flight tickets to Poland for Easter. I will be out of Estonia for this period and it makes me quite happy as definitely – I would prefer to spend this time with my family instead of all alone and abroad. This led me think about what I miss about Poland and the first thing that appeared was… food. But not just food, it’s the local food that I would really love to eat right now.

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E-ating in E-stonia

Hello everyone,

I am not a food expert and this is not a food blog (though, I might share some recipes once in a while, especially when I taste something potentially inedible on myself and it will turn out to be good). But today I would like to write something about food in Estonia. Or to be more specific – on what you can buy and what is not super expensive comparing to Poland :)

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