About me

My name is Adam and I was born on 1st May 1986 in the small Polish town called Suwałki. According to my parents the birth did not take too long (at least my mom did not complain to me on any single occasion). The only person who complained was my dad who apparently “had to miss the football game because the birth started”. He kind of tells that to me till now, it must have been a very important game :)

Since the early childhood my parents wanted me to be someone famous (or at least wanted to cure my ADHD by sending my to art classes – I was playing the piano, accordeon and violin and quite obviously – never finished any of these. Did I say I was singing in the choir too and did solos in the church? (Ok, too much information!).

I was always a good student with great imagination. I was writing poems, articles, stories, essays, cooperated with some websites and even wrote my Masters’ thesis in 2 weeks. Still, I consider myself a little bit lazy for the things that are not my passion or hobby, but just for that :)

In 2014 I left Poland for the first time, ending up in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2015 I moved to Tallinn, Estonia. That is why you can find some posts about Estonia and especially Tallinn on my blog. In May 2016 I moved back to Poland – this time to Warsaw. I also travelled a bit in Europe, seen quite a lot of my home country and furthermore – I am partly Lithuanian which I discovered just a few years ago.

My hobbies are: singing when no one listens (unless this is my close friend), dancing when no one looks (same as before), making jokes, cooking inedible things that end up being edible, learning new languages and for sure – travelling! I also love writing and sharing things with the people which you can see on this blog. I also like sleeping a lot, but is it a hobby? ;)

I am also a huge fan of tennis and my dream is to see a Grand Slam tournament once. The dreamy one is Australian Open in Melbourne, but that’s also because I would love to visit Australia once!