2016 – you’ve been good. 2017 – you will be better!

I was supposed to publish something else today, but I think this could wait for the next year. Indeed, the next year – time flies so fast. Most of us are already tired of 2016, they are happy that it finally ends and 2017 is supposed to bring something better. For me though 2016 was a good year, better than the previous one, but still – there are things I can improve on.

2016 was… surprising

At the end of 2015 I moved to Tallinn, Estonia. In January I did not know that I will be offered a relocation to Poland. I also did not know that my workplace will fail miserably and I would be forced to search for a new job. I lived in a completely new country with places and people that I never experienced before. For me the time spent in Estonia was full of calmness and quietness that I simply needed in my life. Yes, Estonia helps you to rest and keep calm :) During this period I also learned that I can live in a flat that is 16,5 m2 and it will be enough for me.


My favourite shot of Tallinn from January 2016

Over the course of time I realized that Estonia has so many things to which you have to get used to. I consider Estonians as “cold” and “non-emotional”, but on the other hand super-polite and down to earth. Also – they are very smart and knowlegable, especially when it comes to foreign languages (I always communicated either in English or in Russian while being in Tallinn, there was no problem with communication at all!)

Switching to May, I moved to Warsaw. At the beginning I was very happy about it, I met lots of my good friends, I reunited with some more. I started getting to know the city. During summer time it was great, as the city was not so overcrowded as it it normally as people were on holidays and students were not here. After that – I realized how many people live here and it was not always so pleasurable, but it’s still fine. Btw – if you are from Tallinn and you are thinking about moving to Warsaw – you must be prepared for a cultural shock in many things. I personally had something that is called “reverse cultural shock”.

In Warsaw I got an apartment with a great view and almost in the center. It looks amazing at night.


While living in capital of Poland I kept discovering new places all the time. Once I found a forest out of nowhere and once I just decided to walk home from the office and I came across the Jewish area of the capital of Poland.


mini-2016-07-20 17.28.31

I have also been to Kraków and Łódź and of course – to my home town of Suwałki. For the first time I travelled with a Pendolino train and I also used two others that are equally comfortable in my opinion and bring up the quality of Polish railways: PESA Dart and Stadler Flirt.


Łódź, Poland – OFF Piotrkowska

In November I changed my job for a new one as my current workplace got into liquidation. So I went to some well known company this time and I feel it’s a good choice. Even if I am not happy with my project, I am able to change it. I enjoy the people I work for though and that is something great!

2016 was… good, 2017 – must be better though!

I cannot complain on 2016, really. There were a few things I did not do in 2016 and I just have to do in 2017. And these are (in no particular order)

  • Finally take holidays – and possibly in some place I have never been before even if it is supposed to cost me a fortune.
  • Don’t let work influence my personal life (yes, it happened this year)
  • Invite friends more often
  • Travel as much as possible – at least within my country. I want to spend every 2-3 weekends outside Warsaw to discover some new places. Poland is a beautiful country, you just have to discover it.

This was 2017 will be better!

I would like to use this opportunity to wish you to have as much success as you can in 2017. Keep believing in your dreams and everything will happen!

Happy 2017!


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