Long time of silence (aka “what the hell was happening to Adam”)

Hey everyone. I know I had another long break, but last few weeks were very, veeery tough. Still – I thought I would use this opportunity to write a new post and give you some explanation on what was happening to me and why I did not post for so long. But that’s not all what you would see here, so enjoy the rest of my post as well.

My last few, hard weeks were connected mainly with job search which ended up successfully and on Thursday I am starting a new job in a bigger, international company. My current workplace is being closed which makes me feel that the idea of job search since September was absolutely justified. I really wanted to get into the company I would work for, so I tried 3 times – 3rd time was lucky indeed, so wish me luck! :)

My new workplace is located in Warsaw – so I won’t move again this time, but I would have to go to work a bit further than before. My previous work was located just next to Warsaw Central Station and a new one will be done from the office in Mokotów area – yet, I have a direct tram there which means it would take me approx. 20 minutes to get there. So I would have to get up around 15 minutes earlier and it’s still not bad for Warsaw! Especially while some parts of the city are blocked now as the extension of 2nd line of underground just started and the route from my home to work is not affected by that.

Christmas decorations

Christmas Holidays are coming soon – in Poland (just like in most of the countries) Christmas decorations appear – the city is not full of them yet, but shopping malls are already decorated with different, festive ornaments. I have been to three malls in the past few days and I can say that in two of them you can feel the Christmas, yet – one of them is heavily decorated and the second one is done in a way that does not make you feel that it’s like 23rd of December – there are just some different decorations, but not too many of them.

Even though I order most of my food online recently (call me lazy, but I just hate standing in the queues) – I went to Galeria Wileńska and Arkadia – while I also went to Złote Tarasy a few times (last time on Sunday). When I entered Galeria Wileńska I immediately took my camera as I could clearly say – Christmas is here! Just look at the main entrance.


I have been visiting this shopping mall quite often, as it is located at the end of current 2nd line of underground (to be extended in a few years). It takes 10 seconds from the exit of subway to the entrance of the mall. Nice idea, very convenient!

Inside, there are so many lights that I am absolutely sure limiting the power of lamps used to light up the mall would not be noticed by anyone :)


Decorations in Arkadia, which is the biggest shopping mall in Warsaw (and still extended), are a bit less over the top, but I liked the idea of putting the lights in…hmm…can I just call it “Christmas balls”?


They even put some decorations outside. They did it very early though. This picture is from 9th of November.


Now there is a bit more there and I suppose the lights are turned on in the evening. However I was a bit shocked to see Christmas decorations so early, even though it was just a start of it. It’s not so typical for Poland (though Christmas things inside stores tend to appear earlier and earlier – usually right after “All Saints’ day” which we celebrate on 1.11).

When it comes to Złote Tarasy – well, they did not make a lot. Why? I don’t know – maybe because the center is crowded all the time or maybe because they thought they should wait for the first snow? If so – then they should have made it today, as whole Poland got some snow finally (btw, in my home town of Suwałki there already were some heavy snowfalls 2 weeks ago).


I have seen some lights on the ground floor though, so maybe they have already started putting them. No idea, will check on Wednesday.

The shop assistant and charity

I would also like to tell you about some things that I came across while shopping in a grocery store in Arkadia – I was shocked (positively) that the clerk on the cash desk was… deaf. She got a special sign on her clothes saying “I am deaf” – so people would know she would not hear them and would communicate in a non-verbal way.

It was the first time when I saw a deaf cashier – it makes me feel super happy as it looks like in my country employers finally believe that people with disabilities can serve customers just the same way as fully healthy people. It does not matter I do not speak sign language – communication with the cashier was absolutely problem free, she was very kind in her non-verbal attitude (smile can change the world, really!) and I felt happy that people like her are not left alone at home or asked to fill the shelves with groceries or do other work not related with customer service. And since I am very impressed I would even say that from now on Carrefour Poland would be my favourite store!

What’s more – I have noticed that there was more then one deaf cashier and the store did something excellent by putting two deaf cashiers next to each other so they can talk to each other with sign language when there are no customers around and also communicate with each other if they needed some help with cash desk. I have seen that myself – very impressive.

The other thing that happens in Poland very often is a charity – each year before some holidays Polish Food Banks are asking the people who shop to buy some products for the families that do not have money to cook something for Christmas or Easter, but they would also collect the products for longer time to give it out for people in need. They are asking for products like pasta, buckwheat, rice and also – some sweets are welcome for the children. The people who collect these items are volunteers and they are located in almost every single bigger store (including Carrefour in Arkadia). I support this event and each time I have opportunity for that. I also know people who would go to the store just for that even if they planned to skip shopping, but they have heard about the event in media. Those few euros is not a fortune for majority of people living in Warsaw but can help a lot.

Instagram – at least one thing updated all the time :)

Many of those pictures that I added to this post appeared already on my Instagram account. If you want to be up-to-date, you can follow it – it’s here.

I will try to post something more soon, I am also thinking about a new segment that would include less pictures and more text. Keep your fingers crossed both for my more regular writing and for my new job.


2 thoughts on “Long time of silence (aka “what the hell was happening to Adam”)

  1. Congrats on your new job! Having changed jobs this Fall I must say it’s quite exhausting at first. But once the routine kicks in… Besides if I recall correctly, you’ve changed jobs this year a few times, so I’m sure you’re an old-timer at it now :P

    Those Christmas balls look like ones we have in Finland in some mall. I guess the decorating committee in Warsaw and Helsinki have the same supplier!

    I enjoyed reading about the shop assistants and charity. I also took a little package for a random child who cannot live with their own family for some reason or other. One of the new hotels was taking part, so taking the package there was a good excuse to see the premises at the same time.

    Have a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Suvi :) I was there for the first time on Thursday and I think I will like it – people are so nice and helpful, I am not sad that weekend ends – before I was rather down and stressed that I need to go back to work, today it is different ;) when I moved back to Poland it was for the same job I had in Estonia so technically it was my first change this year :) last year it happened more often though ;)

      I have seen Helsinki balls on your Twitter, at first I thought you are in Warsaw hahaha. And btw, good for you with helping. After this post I also helped another charity with a small donation and I know there would be a charity event at my workplace for children in orphanages. Will help again for sure :) some people are less fortunate in life, but it does not mean they cannot be happier :)

      Have a great week too!

      Liked by 1 person

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