Just some random Kraków pictures

Yes, I know last time I posted was like billion years ago, however I decided to spend this evening to share some of Kraków – you can know it as Cracow as well which is a commonly used English name for this city in Poland. I was there last weekend and I made some pictures of the places that I visited. I must say that I am not surprised that this city is very popular amongst tourists!

Unfortunately I was very busy with my friends this time so I did not make a lot of pictures. I start believing that in order to dedicate yourself to make great pictures, you cannot travel in a bigger group as you will be unable to concentrate and work in your own pace. I also did not take my camera, so a good eye can see a mobile quality, the weather did not help either, but… I think it’s still worth showing you some of the beautiful places in the capital of Małopolskie voivodeship :)

On Saturday we were walking through Kraków despite of some bad weather. One of the spots we have seen (and which I had to picture) was an exhibition called “Between the water and the sky” that was installed on “Father Bernatek footbridge”. This exhibition is some kind of modern art and consist of… flying sculptures. This artistic installation was created by an artist called Jerzy Kędziora. You can see sculptures in different poses, for me it resembled gymnastic and circus act’s poses. Take a look yourself.


Another thing I could see this day was a “Square of Ghetto Heroes” with its unique installation that is supposed to remind the people about the tragedy of Holocaust. The idea comes from the book called “Pharmacy in Cracow’s Ghetto” where the author mentions the history of removing last things from the flats where 17 000 Jewish people lived during Ghetto’s existance. In the book we can read that at the same square chairs were piled up and that is why the city decided to commemorate that. It’s quite moving I must say.


Sunday was short – we went out of the rented apartment at 11.00 and then most of us still had a few hours for our trains home. With 2 other friends of mine we went to Wawel Castle. We went through some Old Town (which is extremely beautiful!) and headed to Wawel. In the Old Town I liked one church in particular (but please don’t kill me – I did not remember its name).


As you can see – there were plenty of people (and even more renovations) but it’s quite understandable – Kraków is always popular but it is still a bit of off-season (and the temperature is rarely above 10 degrees Celsius during the day now!).

And then came Wawel. I am absolutely sure that every schoolchild here in Poland knows where it is. Wawel itself is actually a hill where the King’s Castle is located. This place is also one of these were a lot of kings were buried and recently – it also became a grave for ex-Polish president Lech Kaczyński and his wife Maria who died in Polish officials place crash in Smolensk back in April 2010. This decision caused controversy, but I don’t want to get into politics (however if you need that info, you can Google ;) ).

The area of Wawel Castle is a beautiful and well-maintained place where you can simply walk, enjoy some views and beautiful, historic buldings. There is also a monument dedicated to the Pope John Paul II that is located in front of the Wawel’s cathedral.


In order to get to Wawel area you need to climb a bit, but it’s surely worth it! Here are a few views from the area.


But I think I should also mention the views toward Vistula river which are great as the area is really well-kept.


Bad sides of Kraków? Well… it’s not a secret that there is a huge problem with air pollution in this city. Kraków’s air is polluted so much that all the norms are exceeded almost all the time – some time ago I read that only some Bulgarian cities (e.g. Pernik) are air-polluted more than Kraków and we are counting all European Union into that! I also heard it is quite crowded because of both tourists and students (+people who live there obviously). But is it more overcrowded than Warsaw? I would not be so sure about that.

Anyways, it’s a great place to visit – the weather itself should not be a problem, as there is always a lot to see there!


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