The gardens of Wilanów Palace

Warsaw has plenty of tourist spots that are located outside the center – one of them is a Wilanów Palace that is located in Wilanów area – known for the fact that it is considered to be one of the richest areas of Warsaw. The palace area is well maintained and what is especially eye catching are the gardens around it.

The Palace itself has been built in 17th Century for Jan III Sobieski – Polish king at that time. The architecture style is baroc. In the beginning of 19th Century the owner at that time, Stanisław Kostka Potocki, created one of the first publicly accesible museums on Polish territory, which was dedicated to art and to commemorate Jan III Sobieski. This museum works till now, and the current name of the street where Palace is located is “Stanisław Kostka Potocki’s street”. Currently the Palace is owned by the National Museum in Warsaw.

The Palace itself looks very impressive, take a look:


The gardens of the palace are absolutely huge – you can walk there for a very long time and admire the area, plants, statues or just relax. The entrance is paid, but the price is very low (it costs only 5 Polish Złoty, which is equal to around 1,25 euro).

There are plenty of very colourful flowers in the area, they are arranged perfectly and it can be seen that a lot of work is being done to keep them look like that.


There are also several fountains. We were laughing that one of them is Warsaw’s version of Fontanna di Trevi in Rome, because people are also putting money inside.


Still, I personally liked another one much more.


There are also plenty of statues located around the garden. Being perfectly honest with you – I think if you wanted to take a few shots of every single one, you would spend half of your time doing just that :)


But that is not all. If you walk a bit further from the Palace, you will end up in a green area. One of the elements there is a Chinese Gazebo which was not attended by many people. I suppose visitors just did not know about the fact it is there.


You can also find a lot of water around. There are some small articifial lakes (like the one in the picture below), but also a bigger lake where water tours by boat or kayaks are organized.


Generally speaking – that is a very nice place and due to the size – it does not seem as overcrowded as the Old Town for example. If you are planning to visit in summer – my advice would be to use some anti-mosquitoo and other bugs spray – there are dozens of them there and I have been stung many times. Aside of that – no other advice from my side.

More information about this place can be found on the website of the Palace, which can be found by clicking here.


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