The city from the sky – night views from 30th floor

People post a lot of pictures from different viewing points and terraces – they can be city views from some great heights or they can cover something very eye catching- hills, rivers, mountain ranges etc. In Warsaw there is one very popular viewing point and it is located in the Palace of Culture of Science. What makes it unique is that it is also open at night during summer weekends.

This Saturday, July 30th, I spent the whole day with my friends. Right at the end of our long day (which was interrupted several times by quite a heavy rain) we decided to go to the viewing point in the Palace of Culture and Science. Usually, it closes at around 8 pm CET, but during summer it is possible to buy a night ticket – it is valid for one entrance between 8 pm and 11.30 pm. Yet – this option is possible only on Fridays and Saturdays between May and August.

As the location of the palace is very central, you can see all the skyscrapers around and that includes both office buildings and hotels. Here are a few shots of a general view – one of a very few points where skyscrapers cannot be seen. This is actually the part of the city that I can see from my office which is located… in a skyscraper.


And now, possibly the most expensive residential building in Warsaw. The official name is “Złota 44” and it has been designed by Daniel Libeskind. Apartment prices there varied from around 6000 to even 16000 euros per square metres. It is a lot not only for Warsaw but also for many much more developed countries. The builiding is illuminated at night and changes colours. As you can see – there are three: red, green and blue. On the first picture you can also see Intercontinental hotel (on the right), Warsaw Financial Center (very expensive office building – right to Intercontinental) and also in the background – there is a building from my area: Warsaw Spire. What makes in special is that it is illuminated as well, but there is a writing on it saying “I love Warsaw”. Nice, isn’t it? I think it’s the easiest to spot in on the last picture (close-up of Intercontinental hotel) – look for a red heart :)


There are also 2 other tall hotels nearby. One of these is Marriott – if I am not mistaken, it’s the most expensive hotel in Warsaw. I work just behind it (if you look closely enough, you would see a second logo in the background. That is where I work). The second hotel is Novotel that is around 8 minutes walking from Marriott.


The palace is also illuminated from outside (however, it is turned off for nights). The other thing that appeared lately is a neon light with the name of the city.


To get into the viewing point you need to buy a ticket. It can be purchased from a cash desk and then – you get to the 30th floor by elevator (there is a person inside who takes care of getting to the right floor and of not overcrowding the elevators). The costs of day ticket is 20 PLN (around 5 euros). Night one is only slightly more expensive – it’s 22 PLN (5,5 euros). Of course during sunsets it might be super crowded, when we were there (around 10.40 pm) it was absolutely fine.

And no worries if you are scared of heights. Every  possibly dangrous part of a viewing point had been covered with safety bars – so nothing bad can happen. Yet – this is not a window covered terrace – so you can put your hands outside to make better pictures – I would still recommend having some kind of a handle not to lose your phone if it slips out of your hands :)

PS. I know the pictures are far from perfect. I am still short on cash, but a new camera is my priority ;)


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