Twarda 6: One of the Jewish parts of Warsaw

Imagine that all you see are skyscrapers, modern buildings, luxurious hotels, expensive cars and just across the road you end up in a quiet place full of religion and history. It is actually possible in Warsaw. Today I will show you a little bit of Jewish culture that still exists in Warsaw, yet – it is of course not as lively as it was many years ago.

My visit at the Jewish area of Warsaw was completely accidental. This day I wanted to take a bus home and buy some fresh fruits at Hala Mirowska. Nevertheless, I thought I will take a walk as the weather was really nice (not too hot and sunny). So I was just walking ahead without really knowing the route.

When I entered the area I saw some information tables that were eventually an exhibition explaining how Jews live, how they are organized in Warsaw etc. Take a look at a few of them:

mini-2016-07-20 17.24.33mini-2016-07-20 17.24.43mini-2016-07-20 17.25.58mini-2016-07-20 17.26.10mini-2016-07-20 17.26.43

There are many more of them and the information there cover different aspects of Jewish past and present. The area is also a home for the Chief Rabbi of Poland, Michael Schudrich. The Jewish accents can be found in many places in the area, especially on the buldings – there are some texts in Hebrew, travel agency called “Shalom” (which is just one of the few words in Hebrew I actually know) and you can also find a kosher food store in the same place.

mini-2016-07-20 17.27.05mini-2016-07-20 17.25.29

Unfortunately this area is not free of the glass skyscrapers too. So if you look on the other side, you will see one of the newest skyscrapers in Warsaw – Q22. This building is huge and I can actually see it from my balcony as I live just 5 minutes away from this office building.

mini-2016-07-20 17.26.21

Just a few steps away there is a center of Jewish life in Warsaw – Nożyk synagogue. This synagogue has been built between 1898 and 1902 and it was the only one that was not destroyed during the World War II.

mini-2016-07-20 17.29.05

The synagogue itself is kept in an excellent condition, a lot of renovations have been done and the buiding itself looks brand new even though it is very old. It is possible to see the building inside as well, the ticket costs 10 PLN (2,5 EUR) – yet I could not do that as there was some event inside. But take a look at the pictures from outside.

mini-2016-07-20 17.28.31mini-2016-07-20 17.28.05mini-2016-07-20 17.28.02mini-2016-07-20 17.27.55mini-2016-07-20 17.27.28

I have to admit that Warsaw is wonderful to be discovered as it surprises you ever day. There are a lot of historic places, a lot of old buildings and monuments. If everything goes to the plan – I am going to see another one on Saturday so I will surely write a post about it later.


2 thoughts on “Twarda 6: One of the Jewish parts of Warsaw

    1. Indeed. That’s why I am always trying to walk around the city instead of just taking a bus. Soon I will post something about my area in Warsaw – I am slowly discovering it but I already found a bar with a food…from my region of Poland. Would never expect that :)

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