The banks of Wisła river

The biggest river in Poland is called Wisła (some people might refer to it as Vistula as well since it’s an English name of it). It goes from the South to the North of the country. It also goes through Warsaw and in the summer it becomes one of the central spots of the city.

Last Sunday I took a walk to the gardens of University Library (if you haven’t seen the pictures, take a look here) but I also stopped by at the banks of Wisła river in Powiśle area. I used the opportunity to spend some calm moments there as the city was deserted after the NATO summit. I chose a part of Wisła’s river banks just next to the Copernicus Science Center.

Wisła river divides country by half, but it also applies to the city of Warsaw. There are districts located Western (and I live in one of these) and Eastern (which is considered to be less safe, yet nothing bad ever happened to me and I have been there many times in my life) from Wisła. The place I visited is located on the Western side.

I was quite lucky to have a lot of space to myself, usually it’s not that empty. So I just sat on some stairs and enjoyed the river for a while. Here is how it looked like when I was there.

2016-07-10 12.32.08

The “crown” alike building that you can see right at the end of my picture is a National Football Stadium that had been built for Euro 2012 football championships that was organized by Poland and Ukraine. The area around the stadium also changed a lot for this purpose and when I have some more time, I will go there to give you some closer look on that.

You might also remember that in one of my previous posts I mentioned Świętokrzyski bridge that goes above Wisła. It’s not the one that you can also see on the picture above, but the other one. The one pictures here is Most Średnicowy and is used by trains. Świętokrzyski bridge can be seen in the picture below.

2016-07-10 12.34.08

And if you think I missed something on my pictures – here is a short video from this place.

The place itself is very lively in summer, mostly in the evening and not only at weekends. There are some concerts, bars, clubs and also some performances and even outdoor movie theatre nights. So most of the people would find something for themselves, regardless of age. And if you are not interested in such events, you can also take a walk – it will take a while for sure, as it is a few kilometres of distance.

There is also one statue that is a symbol of Warsaw and it’s not really possible to miss it when you get out of the underground heading to the place I visited. It is Warsaw’s mermaid – one of the few that are located in Warsaw. Mermaid is a symbol of the city and it always holds a shield and a sword which makes in different to the one you can see in Copenhagen. Here are 2 shots of this certain mermaid.

2016-07-10 12.35.152016-07-10 12.35.45

I must admit that this area is really something that Warsaw can be proud of. Powiśle area is now full of attractions, a lot of renovations have been done, new buildings appeared and definitely is a place worth seeing. And how can you see that? The easiest way is just to take the underground (line number 2) to the station Centrum Nauki Kopernik. You will see the mermaid almost exactly after leaving the underground. And then, just downstairs from it – there is a place at Wisła river that I pictured above.


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