Can libraries attract tourists? BUW can!

This weekend was rather calm for me, yet not quiet – NATO summit that took place in Warsaw made the people dissapear, but the city was full of police, security and helicopters flying above my block. Fortunately, it all ended on Saturday, so I could spend some time in empty Warsaw on Sunday. I decided to go to Wisła river’s area and one building that is very, very special.

In this post I will concentrate just on this building – and what I am writing about is The University Library in Warsaw. I have already shown you a few pictures of the rooftop garden – which is one of the largest rooftop gardens in Europe and is always full of people. No surprise at all – it is beautiful! This time, I will show you how it looks like downstairs and inside the building.

BUW is an abbreviation of “Biblioteka Uniwesytecka w Warszawie” – so exactly “The University Library in Warsaw”.  The building itself is very green, inside and outside. Usually, it is full of people – students, locals and tourists. A lot of people choose this spot on their way to the Copernicus Science Center which is located just a few hundred metres away.

Just like I expected – the building was very empty on Sunday – the exams session at Universities already finished and even if someone failed – they will retake their exams in September. Many people went out of Warsaw due to NATO summit and the rest of them were either relaxing in the library garden or were walking around and taking pictures – but there were just a few people and none of them really spoke Polish :)

The garden from outside is very green and is great just for a walk or to spend some time lying on your blanket and reading your favourite book. This is a library area so you will not have anyone who is shouting or does not know how to behave. There will be a lot of people walking, but most of them end up on the roof. Here is how it looks like from outside.

mini-2016-07-10 11.59.04 (2)mini-2016-07-10 11.59.27 (2)mini-2016-07-10 11.59.33 (2)

There are also some renovations being done (as shown on the last picture) but they do not make staying in BUW’s garden any uncomfortable. There are also some small water streams and you can see one of these on the movie I recorded.

Inside, there is a lobby where people can take some breaks in studying or just meet some of their friends. When I was there, all the shops a cafes were closed, but usually – there are places where you can eat something, drink some coffee and buy some things. You could still buy some super cheap coffee from a coffee machine. Regular cup of coffee costs the equivalent of 50-60 eurocents (and it is quite good).

mini-2016-07-10 12.01.37 (2)mini-2016-07-10 12.01.43 (2)

Since there are glass roofs – there is a lot of natural light inside, which is surely good for the plants.

mini-2016-07-10 12.02.50 (2)mini-2016-07-10 12.01.50 (2)

If you are planning to see this place, it is easily accesible by public transport. The fastest way from the center (that requires some walking uphill though) would be by undergound – you need to get out at the station called “Centrum Nauki Kopernik” (2nd line of underground, so if you go from the station “Centrum” you need to switch lines at “Świętokrzyska”) and walk to the opposite direction of Wisła river. You can also take buses that go almost directly to the library – the numbers are 105, 118 and 127. The stop that you have to get out is called “Biblioteka Uniwersytecka”.

Have a nice rest of the week!

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