How to survive a Polish heatwave?

Did you know that there are some countries in Europe that get extremely hot during summer and they are not a part of Southern Europe? Poland is one of them. This weekend and a few days before were really hot, but it was also a very nice weekend for me. I managed to survive the heat somehow, but it was not a piece of cake!

It is already like a tradition that we are getting from a few days up to even a few weeks of a very hot weather in Poland. This week was one of these days with weekend being the hottest one so far this year (and that’s for sure). And now we are enjoying a thunderstorm here in Warsaw.

The forecasted temperature for yesterday was between +31 and +35 degrees and Warsaw got +34 degrees Celsius.


Source: TVN (Polish TV channel)

Today it was nothing better. Yesterday seemed to be still not the worst that could happen, yet the sun made the temperature very hard to stand. In my block, on my 14th floor, the temperature was somehow higher in the morning…


Yes, with the sun operating just a bit (my windows overlook the East and it was already a bit in the day) it was +41. Now imagine how hot it felt inside.

Outside, there was barely no wind. Inside – felt like hell. So first thing I did while being inside and having no fan at home, was to use my air humidifier that at least made the air breathable. I put in on in the coldest rooms of the flat, which was my bedroom. It really helped a lot!


I was set with my friends to have some barbeque outside, which we did. We went to Park Skaryszewski, which is located in Praga Południe district in Warsaw. It is one of the districts that is considered to be more dangerous, but… I did not feel that way. For me it was just a normal neighbourhood, but I might have felt this way as a lot of people were either out of town or watched the ending of the football match (which we won ;) ).

We went to the shadow, so we did not feel this horrible heatwave and we could see such thing just a few metres from our blankets.


This park is actually full of water – there is a lake inside and I must admit, it gave a lot of relief to us from this heat. We really enjoyed the time together. But we were not alone – in the park there are a lot of animals. There was one dog that really enjoyed the smell of barbecue and kept coming to our blanket :)


There are also a lot of ducks, squirrels and plenty of different animals who like forests and green spaces – even in the city. We even spotted some hedgehog!


So another thing that can be useful when you are hit by a very high temperature is to have a place where you can just sit and that is close to the water or any kind of green square and as far away as possible from the cars, blocks and asphalt.

But…what when it is not possible and you are just dying from the heat? Many Polish cities are putting the “water curtains” so the people who are outside can get a bit of fresh air and water. They are also here in Warsaw, but the movie below comes from Katowice (city in Silesia).

I have one thing that might be surprising for you as well – when it is hot outside, I feel better if I had some hot beverages, like tea or coffee. And when I drink water, it’s in the same temperature as the room, not any frozen. This way I am helping my organism to “level” the temperature. I found this tip a while ago and I could not believe it works – but it does. I also do not really eat ice cream or something very cold, as it helps me but just for a moment.

Coming back to those “water courtains” – it is more and more common as in the past few years the temperatures in Poland went up during summer. If I am not mistaken, last summer in some parts of the country it was almost or even over 40 degrees Celsius. There are some days or weeks when it’s warmer in Poland than in countries like Spain or Italy.

Today it was a finally a day of relief! It all started this way


After a few minutes, it already looked like that


And after half an hour of nice and heavy rain, the temperature went down a lot!


Now, we are enjoying 20-something degrees and finally – it is possible to live normally. In the past years, the temperature went up but if it was +30, it was already considered as hot for this part of Europe. Well, everything is changing and we still get -20 to -30 in winter, but this is happening more and more rarely.

Unfortunately these weather changes cause a lot of very dangerous weather conditions, like this one. It was on Friday, 17.06.2016 and I have actually never seen something like that before. I work just on the other side of the street and from my office windows it looked horrible. But the video recorded from the local Hard Rock Cafe speaks for itself.

So, if you are thinking of visiting Poland now, you need to be prepared for heat, thunderstorms and the fact that weather would change a lot. I somehow think that doing so in April or May might be much better as the weather is not so extreme.

And btw, if you have any ideas how to survive the heat – let me know! I need to be prepared better for the next one.

Have a nice week!



4 thoughts on “How to survive a Polish heatwave?

  1. In Malaysia we were always able to escape the heat to an air-conditioned space. In Finland on the other hand heatwaves are very rare ;) These days we would head out to sea if a heatwave happened, as there usually is a bit of fresh wind out there. :)

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    1. In Poland the biggest issue is that in residential buildings the air-conditioning is very rare, maybe in some high-class apartments. Fortunately many trams and buses, hotels and restaurants or stores have it. I remember that I went to the grocery store yesterday and I was so relieved as the shop had an air conditioning inside :) The summers are getting warmer and warmer. We help ourselves with fans though it is possible to buy a standalone airconditioners but they are expensive as hell :D I just read that next weekend we will have another heatwave coming next weekend, I am so happy I am going to my home town then :D

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