Warsaw’s fountain show

On Friday and Saturday evening there is a free of charge fountain show in Warsaw. I was lucky to attend one yesterday. There were quite a lot of people watching that, despite the cold weather, however as my friends told me – there were not so many people and there can be much more.

We went to the place a little bit earlier and it was good 40-50 minutes for a start. We sat on a hill what is actually recomended by the organisers (if you go close to the fountain, it is 100% sure that you would be wet within the next 60 seconds :) ). Also, the view of the fountain show is the best from this place as you can experience it like you were in a theatre :)

Anyways, here is looked like when we sat on the hill (you can compare the amount of people with the one on the further pictures).


As you can see, the square is impressive even without the show itself, but with the show it becomes magical. The location is in the Podzamcze (literraly: below the castle) area and you can also see Wisła river from there. The busy road between Wisła and the fountain is called Wisłostrada and this is a 21 kilometer road built in the 70s. It connects 5 districts of Warsaw.

I am not sure how often the show is being changed, but the current show is called “Mermaids” and it is done to the music composed by famous Jean-Michel Jarre. And if you are in Warsaw by any chance and you are on a very tight budget, I have good news – this show is free of charge :) You just need to come to Warsaw between May and September, because they work in these months.

Of course, it would be recommended to find your place to sit a bit earlier just like we did yesterday. If you come late, like at 21.20 (the show starts at 21.30) you might have to do some magic to find a spot where you could see anything :)

Here are a few pictures from the show.


The show itself is laser spectacle (which you can see in the last picture) plus “festival of colours” shown by the fountains itself. There are also videos that are displayed on kind of a “water screen” that you can also see above.

But… I don’t think that it is so impressive without music. I made 2 short videos to show you how it looks like a bit better (btw, I know it is out of focus sometimes, but this is how my phone works. I promise to take my camera with me a bit more often ;) ).

The main motto of Warsaw is “Zakochaj się w Warszawie” which is translated to “Fall in love in Warsaw”. I live here just for 3 weeks and I can tell you that despite of dozens of very weird people around (Warsaw’s citizens are much more “social” than Talliners ;) ) with a positive approach you can like this city. It is possible that after some months I will change my mind, but for now I am sure that Warsaw was what I needed.

Have an amazing week everyone!



4 thoughts on “Warsaw’s fountain show

    1. The Polish name is “Multimedialny Park Fontann” (Multimedia Fountain Park) and you can find it in the area called Podzamcze in Warsaw (you need to search for “Skwer im. I Dywizji Pancernej”). They have a website here http://www.parkfontann.pl/ – and if you go to “Kontakt” there is also Google Map :)


    1. It is :) The whole show is around 20-25 minutes and during the week there is just a fountain show without music. All we needed was a bit warmer temperature as it was like +12 ;)

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