My past 2,5 weeks

With 3 apartments, 2 weeks of living somewhere else than on my own, 1 week of my office and lots of experience – I can finally let you know how it is all going. I had litterally no time to write anything, but here I am – with some major updates!

My past 2,5 weeks were absolutely crazy. Today is Wednesday and it’s just the third day of living in a rented apartment. Before that, i stayed at my friends’ place – in two different areas. First one is Bemowo – located around 8,5 km from the Central Railway Station of Warsaw. The second one is in the opposite direction – it is called Mokotów and it actually neighbours the center, but my friends live around 6,5 km from the Central Railway Station. I would say that the biggest advantage would be the fact that the place in Mokotów is located just 2-3 minutes walking from the underground station and it takes around 10 minutes to get to the center. However, as Warsaw is a big city, underground is crowded in the morning.

Ok, so if we started with an underground, let’s go with that. I think you remembered that I explained the difference between old and new metro line, but from outside. This time I have 2 pictures from inside.

Metro stareMetro nowe

If you thought immediately that the underground from the picture number 1 is older, you are absolutely right. On the first picture you can see the part of M1 line on the station Metro Wilanowska. Second one is a part of M2 line called Świętokrzyska. Świętokrzyska is a transfer station between M1 and M2 lines.

And when we are at Wilanowska station – I managed to take a picture from the area. It is a normal block area where newer and older buildings are mixed. It is relatively safe, yet – very crowded at times. But at weekends it is quite empty.

Mokotów 2Mokotów 3

My friends live in one of these buildings in the area, so they have a good access to the underground, but their windows overlook the streets. This means that unfortunately it is quite loud. But the view is very nice and I must admit that if not the noise, this would be an amazing place to live.


I think you can agree it does not look like some big city at all, however there are more buildings behind the trees. The picture was taken during the strong rain, so the area was a bit empty.

This was just the second step of living in Warsaw for me, as I moved to Wola district. The part where I live is considered to be a center of the city, but is already added to Wola administrative district. In other words – I live in Wola, but I see the center. Even though the flat is a bit dated and requires my own touch to be nicer, I believe that such views compensate all (the price is good too!).

Widok dzieńWidok Noc

If you look closely, you can even see a Palace of Culture and Science. And if you don’t know how Palace of Culture and Science looks like, here it is during the night time:


I also like my area aa lot. It is a combination between residentil area (most of the buildings are very old, mine is from 1976) and business area. Because of that, there is everything around: trams, buses, underground, stores, cafes and they are all in walking distance. This is a part of my area, around 5 minutes walking from my block.

Rondo ONZ.jpg

Two other things I have seen

During these 2,5 weeks of staying here, I also had an opportunity to see two other places. First one is obviously – an Old Town. Nevertheless, I decided to take a picture of it from a little bit of a different perspective.

Kolumna Zygmunta.jpg

You can see two elements that are very characteristic for an Old Town – the Column of the King Sigismund III Vasa (Swedish-born, Polish king and Great Duke of Lithuania) and the part of the King’s Castle – visited by many tourists. The Old Town of Warsaw is amazing and I promise to take more pictures of it soon.

The second place was a bit more modern ;) The shopping mall “Wola Park” is a place where you can shop, eat something, go to the cinema or to the gym – like in many places of this kind in Europe. However, I liked some elements of its decoration, like this one:

Wola Park.jpg

There are armchairs and sofas there, not only for the customers of the cafeterias and you can just rest a bit there, if you are tired from all the shopping :)

My opinion on Warsaw after 2,5 weeks is…

…quite positive! Of course I am still learning the city, new places, but I am not worried to get lost or something as I will always find a way to get back since I have some useful apps on my phone and a city transportation card ;) I also see that Warsaw is not as super crowded as it can be, but there are many people using the bicycles or subway, so the “regular” transport is fine. People are quite friendly (not all of them, but many) so I am happy to be here. Let’s wait for my opinion after one more month ;)


2 thoughts on “My past 2,5 weeks

    1. I will try to walk to the Old Town again this weekend, but I am not sure how far I would go as I am meeting friends there :) But anyways, I will go there one day especially for the purpose of making new pictures. And for the views – this was my number 1 reason (number 2 was the fact that 20 minute walk is enough to get to my workplace :D) for moving to this apartment – it is old, not really renovated, the block is old, everything else seems to be bad, but I knew that I would enjoy such views regardless of the type of apartment. I love not only the view, but also the space that is in front of you. Both of my friends that let me stay in their apartments live in new buildings and there is no space – even if you see the world on one of the sides, on the other you can see balconies or terraces of your neighbours :D I know I would be unable to live like that, so I really prefer older buildings here :)

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