Warsaw’s subway & other Thursday things

Hi everyone! This is my first post from Warsaw, but I am here for a few days already. Except some flat search issues everything is fine. I am in my home country and people are surprisingly nice (yes, Poles are rude sometimes, but here it cannot be seen so much). Warsaw is very international, but today… it is just empty! Why? Read below :)

So today Christians celebrate Corpus Christi which is an important day in Poland (just like every other religious holiday I guess :P). There are special processions held in the whole country that are combined with prayers. It is also a long weekend – meaning that a lot of people took one day off on Friday and ended up out of Warsaw for 4 days. I went from the area I am staying (Bemowo) by bus to the nearest subway station and it took me just 20 minutes. The bus was very empty, people who were entering were mostly… tourists.

I was meeting up with my friend who I have not seen for a veeery long time and I decided to get there with a subway as it made little sense to go there by other transportation. I went from Rondo Daszyńskiego subway station and it was, of course, very empty. I managed to take the picture of the interior of the station, which looks like that.


And here is the first thing that would allow you to recognize the new subway line – the stations are painted in a very colourful and even cheerful way, while the line number one is much more “standard”. In general – M2 line is much more modern and it is done in a way that is really eye-catching. Like the exit from Świętokrzyska station – that is a connecting one between line 1 and 2.


If you are outside, it’s also easy to recognize which line you are entering to. The entrances for the line M2 are in different colours (e.g. the one pictures is Świętokrzyska station in the center and it is in yellow, while Rondo Daszyńskiego is red). It looks like that.


The elevators are also marked with the same colours, like this one.


I did not manage to take a picture of M1 entrance myself, but here is one that I found on the blog torowy.blogspot.com – the difference can be seen easily :)


The part of Warsaw that I visited today is really nice – there are plenty of cafes, restaurants, skyscrapers etc. I would say that due to its central location, there are skyscrapers everywhere. And while I am not a big fan of that, Warsaw looks really good in this certain area.


On the first picture you could also spot some red cycling zone. Yes, that is a normal thing in Poland to respect the people who ride bicycles by allowing them to have some special roads for themselves. There are plenty of them even in my small home town. The one in Świętokrzyska street is really a great idea as it allows people to ride their bicycles safely on the road.


As you already read on my blog, Warsaw has its own city bike system. And on such type of road bicycles have the priority above cars. It’s surely much safer than going on the road without such route.


As I mentioned, I am not a fan of combining very old buildings with skyscrapers. In the following example, fortunately it is not such a big issue, but yes – there are also old and not very modernized buildings in Warsaw (still, it’s in the process of renovation). Like this one – it’s Warszawa Gdańska Station – one of less used train stations (if I checked correctly, there are only 2 regional trains that stop there).

There is also some good news if you are not a fan of such buildings. As my colleague (who is originally from the Warsaw area) explained – this station is supposed to be demolished in the forthcoming years and there will be a new building that would cover the role of Warsaw Central station in 2018/2019 while the main cross-city railway is renovated. Thanks Maciej for letting me know :)


I went there with a subway to take a tram to my current place. And guess what – the other side of the street is a little bit more modern. No surprise for me, but maybe for you.


One day I will also take some pictures of modern skyscrapers near Warszawa Centralna station alongside with… the old postsoviet buildings that are also there. This actually hurts my eyes a bit ;)

Public transport in my current area

As I do not live in the center now, I am obviously using public transport. Nevertheless, it is not problematic. In Poland it is very popular to have a few “loop” stations where drivers can rest a bit and you can take your bus from this type of stop. I live near 2 – one for a few buses and one – for a tram. Both go to the center or somewhere in nearby area. The place is quite silent (though it’s close to an airport and sometimes you can hear the planes), safe and green. I would probably live in the center, but I can surely consider this area as well.


Everything around is really close and it would be perfect if the subway was also here. But well – you cannot have everything, right?

For the time being I really like Warsaw and I think it is surely a decent place to live and have a happy life. Or maybe it’s just my euphoria? Time will tell.



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