Instagram top 5: April

It’s 6th of May, so I think it’s the right moment to make my traditional Instagram top 5, this time for the month of April. April was very interesting for me in general – I was in Poland on holiday, I knew that I am going back to Tallinn for the last time before moving and also – the weather in Estonia was very good – with just a few exceptions. Here is what turned out to be my top 5 most popular photos for April!

The number of people following me on Instagram grows and many of them are actively checking my photos which makes me happy. This month my most popular photos came from different sides of Europe.

1. Winter in Suwałki, Poland – 23 likes

When it comes to winter, I really like when it is sunny and the sky turns red. This picture was just randomly made when I walked to visit my parents, they live in the pictured neighbourhood. As mostly usual – I saw some sky, I took the phone and I made a photo. So no special story behind it :)

2. Liege train station, Belgium – 21 likes

#train station in #liege #belgium #belgique #belgie #belgia in September 2015

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As you can already see from the description, I was in Liege as a part of my travel to Maastricht in September. I went to Maastricht for a job interview (which did not give me enough time to even see the city). As I landed in Charleroi (the airport I don’t like) – I needed to travel by train. Unfortunately (or fortunately as I could make this picture) there were no direct connections. So I changed trains here. The station is marvellous, for me it’s a piece of art and I even wrote a post about it (if you missed it, click here).

3. Rainy Tallinn, Estonia – 21 likes

That is rather an ex aequo place with the train station in Liege. The picture was made at my office. Some days ago we had a bad change of weather in Tallinn – there was everything – rain, hailstorm, snow… virtually anything except sun. When I took a picture it was still raining, yet not intensively anymore. The drops on the window clearly show – it was not a tiny rain at all ;) And today it was +21 in the sun…

4. Perast, Montenegro – the church on water – 17 likes

Kind of a preview of the full post about Perast (if you want, you can check it here). I was on holidays in Croatia and Perast was a part of a one day trip. This church was one of the elements of our sightseeing. I really enjoyed it!

5. Sienno, Poland – 17 likes

August memories #Poland #village #wielkopolska #nature

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I was there in 2015 in August. This hotel is in the middle of nowhere, even public buses do not go there, but it’s really worth going to. The picture was taken quite early in the morning when my friends were still sleeping. It was silent, I could relax and no one could disturb me. That is my kind of holiday!

To sum up…

As you have noticed probably, I am a bit less active on social media lately. The reason is the fact that I am moving back to Poland soon and my job combined with moving is not helpful in this matter. This means there might be slightly less posts at the blog in the next 2,5 weeks. But no worries – as soon as I settle in Warsaw, I will be back at a full speed!

In the meantime, the best way to get daily updates from me is to follow Adam’s World on Facebook. I try to post some photos and videos there every day, of course – photos are made by me :) If you want to follow Adam’s World – click here.

And keep your fingers crossed for my moving (pleeeeease!)



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