Night seaside sky in Tallinn

Yesterday evening I needed to relax a bit after work, so I decided to take a walk on the Stroomi Beach (you can also find it under names Stroomi Rand or Shtromka – with the latter one used by Russian speaking population). It’s never a problem for me as I live just nearby.

It was not just a normal walk. I was tempted to go to the beach so late in the evening as I could see some sunset which happens already quite late in Tallinn – the pictures were taken around 9.40 pm local time. Today it got dark around 10 pm. I cannot imagine how would it be in the middle of summer as right now it is already dark late and light early. On the contrary – in winter the day is like 6 hours.

Even though my cheap Latvian phone does not really take great pictures at night, the ones below could prove my point that going to the beach late was surely worth it!

mini-2016-05-02 21.41.59mini-2016-05-02 21.42.03mini-2016-05-02 21.42.21mini-2016-05-02 21.44.51-8mini-2016-05-02 21.45.13-2mini-2016-05-02 21.47.56mini-2016-05-02 21.48.19

And btw, even though it was late, I could still see some familes, couples and older people walking in the area. This place is not unsafe, but it’s not a common thing to see people walking by the sea in such numbers around 10 pm. I am sure that if I come there in a week’s time – there would be even more. All in all – after winter time everyone here can benefit from sunlight and warmer temperatures!

Unfortunately the sea tide was very low this day, so one could not really hear the sea waves going back and forth, but it still looked fantastic!

PS. If you want to get to Stroomi Beach efficiently from Tallinn city center, you can take the busses number 3, 40 or 48, get off at Randla stop and just walk straight ahead for around 3 minutes :) You can also get off at Pelguranna and do the same, just instead of going straight ahead, you need to turn right first on the first crossroad and then – just go ahead :)


2 thoughts on “Night seaside sky in Tallinn

  1. Great sunset photos! It’s funny how a sunset can be spectacular one day and nothing special the other :) You sure managed to catch the sunset on a lovely moment.

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