Foodie post: 2 places in Bucharest I want to visit again!

Everyone who went to Bucharest knows the Palace of Parliament or the Old Town style and buildings. I was supposed to post a little bit about it, but I decided it will be kind of the other way round. Today, as the weekend just came (which I am glad for!) I will start with something for people who like to eat & drink.

The capital city of Romania, Bucharest, is known for not a very expensive restaurant prices. They still keep a very good quality and the atmosphere is very, very nice. I would like to tell you a bit about two places – they are both interesting but for different reasons. And to be absolutely honest – from the scale from modest to posh – they are on the opposite sides of the chart!

The posh side – Caru’ cu bere

Ok, it’s maybe not the posh in the way you think it may be, but it’s one of the restaurants that is a hard-to-get-in but must-visit one in Bucharest. Getting a table without a previous reservation (and ideally – without making a reservation a few days before), in the evening is not really possible. I was there with my three Romanian friends. If I am not mistaken, our visit there was on Wednesday. We were lucky to get a table for one hour (they squeezed us in somehow I suppose) while they called to the place during the day. Furthermore, they pretended to be foreigners and they spoke English to the restaurant employee. As they explained – that is such a popular place that talking in Romanian would get us nowhere. Good choice to try being non-Romanian then :)


None of my friends are originally from Bucharest, but they live in the place for a long time. They know the streets, the places and the history. They explained me that the building was built in the 19th century and has a status of the monument of history. The restaurant was named Caru’ cu bere which means “A wagon with beer” – with current, proper Romanian language it shall be called “Carul cu bere” but the language back in 19th century was a bit different, so it’s Caru’ instead of Carul. The restaurant boasts about being “the best restaurant in town” and even though I haven’t been to many places in Bucharest, it is definitely a good restaurant despite my lack of comparison to the other places :)


The building itself is very interesting, I really liked the balcony above it. This represents the style of the whole building.


Inside the place reminds me a bit of an old church, you can really feel that, despite it’s already a 21st century, you just moved at least 60-70 years back.


The thing that I absolutely loved was the menu. Normally, when you go to the restaurant, the menus are nothing special – just a book with dishes and prices. This one is made in the form of newspaper and even though it’s a little hard to read – that’s not a problem as it gives another strong point to the atmosphere of this place.


The menu is based on traditional Romanian food. The first dish did not really surprised me, as in Poland we also served one particular soup this way (of course, just on special occasions). The soup is called “żurek” and you might have come across it if you ever had an opportunity to come to the similar place in Poland. This soup was served in bread and it was a bit like bean soup. It is served with a red onion that you are supposed to bite while eating. I am not a big fan of that idea, but I obviously tried it.


There was also a room for a delicious (yet very veeeeery sweet) dessert. It is called papanași and it is a fried pastry type of dish (reminding a bit of Polish doughnuts) filled in with some creamy white cheese and covered in a lot of jam and sour cream. They look fantastic (and taste even better!)


As our “one hour table” was coming to an end, we did not order anything else and headed to another place to have some drinks.

The modest place – La 100 de beri

So we headed to the place which can be loved by everyone who likes beer. “La 100 the beri” means exactly “100 beers” – not sure if they had 100 in the menu, but definitely they had a lot of them. Unfortunately no Polish ones and I hoped I would suggest something Polish to my friends. Beer is everywhere in this place, starting from the entrance.


Inside, you are just surrounded by beer bottles, beer caps and everything beer-related.



We order some different beers and of course – there was a moment to take a picture of our La 100 de beri memories.


Of course this place is not any kind of high-class or special. It’s just a beer restaurant. But both places are definitely worth visiting. And both of them are located in the old town. Yet, it’s much easier to get to “La 100 de beri” than to “Caru’ cu bere” obviously :)

Have a happy weekend guys and if you are in Bucharest, maybe you want to suggest something for me to visit next time?



2 thoughts on “Foodie post: 2 places in Bucharest I want to visit again!

    1. Hopefully I will write a bit more about it somewhere next week. I have some pictures from the center + some history from the airport to share :)


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