On the Adriatic Sea

If you are in the Northern Europe now, the temperature is changing, the weather is jumping from sun to snow and in general – you might need some warm temperatures and sun. I will start with some bad news – I cannot give you that! But at least I can do something nice and show you some pictures from the Adriatic Sea taken during my holidays in Croatia.

If you follow my blog for a while, you know that I have been on holiday in Kalamota island near Dubrovnik a while ago. In case you missed my previous post about Croatia, no worries – you can check them here and here. This time I would like to show you a few nice pictures and they will show what can you spot while travelling by ferry from Kalamota (also known as Koločep) to Dubrovnik.

The name of the ferry that goes between Koločep and Dubrovnik is Jadrolinija – it is easy to remember if you know the name of Adriatic Sea in Croatian. So how the Croats call the Adriatic Sea? It’s Jadransko More.

I managed to take a picture of the Koločep island itself  while leaving from the port of Kalamota – I think you can see why this place stayed in my memory for such a long time and does not want to get out of my head!


You can see the little port and the restaurant on the left side of the picture, while on the right side there is my hotel or rather – its several buildings.

The next two pictures are from my ferry trip from Koločep to Dubrovnik. We passed through several island though the ferry did not stop on any of these – I am not sure whether there are any inhabitants there or not, but I am pretty sure there are no people living there. Even though the waves on the sea were quite strong that day, the trip (that took 30 minutes or so) was absolutely comfortable and even relaxing.


The boat itself was also causing a lot of “sea foam” (or however it is called ;) ). I could not refrain from taking a picture of it.


After a few hours in Dubrovnik I decided to come back with the first ferry available (there are only a few ferries per day, every 2-3 hours). I was very lucky as the weather did not change and furthermore – sun was reflecting on the sea surface which gave the excellent effect!


I was also very lucky to catch some boats on the sea. It was relatively windy, so the conditions were very good for sailing and that is why many boats went on the sea that day.


For me Dubrovnik area is really nice when it comes to sailing or taking a ferry. You can really sea a lot of very beautiful, natural landscapes while at the same time you can simply unwind a little bit, especially if you do not feel any problems while travelling on the sea surface.

And you know what – I think I desperately need some holidays!

Enjoy the end of April!



2 thoughts on “On the Adriatic Sea

    1. Thank you so much. I edited the pictures a bit with… Windows 10 photo editor, the basic one that comes with the system one (first – I chose an option to auto-fix everything and then I added a bit of saturation – that’s all). It usually does not give such a good effect, but when I was taking the pictures, it was very sunny so the effect on my camera was absolutely great. And yes, the weather – in Estonia it was +2 yesterday and +15 today. That is crazy :)


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