Liège-Guillemins train station

Hi everyone. This morning I will keep it short, but I wanted to show you a very interesting train station located in the French part of Belgium. At the same time, I want to share a short story behind my visit there with you.

I was in Belgium in September 2015 as I went for the interview in the Netherlands. I did not get a job, but at least I saw the quality of Belgian Railways (and I rate them very good!). I landed at Brussels-Charleroi airport which, as you know from one of my latest posts, I find the worst I have ever been at. After I got to Charleroi’s train station, I started my journey to Maastricht.

On my way, I had to change my trains in Liège-Guillemins station – how lucky I was! Comparing to Charleroi’s station, which is horrible, scary and looks like it was supposed to decompose in 5 minutes, this one is really impressive.

The concept of this station is the fact that it is a bit of an open air one, but covered with a glass construction. All the platforms and also one of the waiting areas (at the “top floor”, there is also one in the basement floor) are covered with the roof.

You can see a bit of the station on the video, that is here:

Of course, I took some pictures as well. I was a bit unlucky that I when I was there, it was a bit cloudy. But when I boarded the train, it got sunny and the glass roof pays its role then – it makes everything inside sunny and light.

First, there are two pictures from the “waiting” area that is located between two sides of platforms. There are a few benches, information monitors and the audio information can be heard as well.


When I went downstairs, for me it was even more impressive. It was kind of clean, modern, safe, a lot of young people were there to take the train home etc. The only downturn? When you are waiting for the train, there are no benches on the platforms, so if you are in a big need of sitting, you need to do it on the floor.


In general, I really liked this station and it was a nice change after all the mess in Charleroi (which btw is nice inside, but the horrible part are the platforms). Well done Liège!


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