Vitosha – the mountain inside the city

As you already know from several posts of mine from the past about Sofia, there is a mountain that is visible from many different parts of the city and I also had a pleasure to see it from my apartment in Lozenets district and also – I visited it several times. These pictures have been made in September, I think it was in 2013.

I remember that when I visited the capital of Bulgaria it was about 30 degrees in Sofia, but in Vitosha it was not more than 14-15 degrees, not more. No surprise – it is over 2000 metres above the sea level! We went to the part called Aleko – which is filled with some restaurants, hiking spots, beautiful nature and there are even taps with clear and delicious water that you can pour into a bottle if you’d like to. But before that we decided to walk a bit on some other part which name I cannot remember unfortunately. There was still quite a lot of g

reenness there!


On this hiking route I noticed that there is a tradition between mountaineers that I had no idea about. They all kept saying “Good day” to each other, so when I finally asked one of my friends how does he know so many people (yeah, that was my question) he told me he does not know them, but that’s how it works and also – most probably they do not know him either. Then I realized that in Poland we probably have the same tradition, but I just did not go to the mountains that often to know that.

On Aleko we went to eat something, but also – we walked on some type of square. You could rest there, take the tap water that I mentioned, just relax a bit etc. I decided to take a picture of the square – for me it was quite beautiful, even though – there was nothing special on it.


Vitosha is also a ski resort. Of course, not as popular as Bansko (which I will feature soon), Borovets or Pamoporovo, but definitely – crowded by ski fans in winter. The place you would see on the next picture is used in winter as alpine skiing slope – but in spring, summer or autumn you can walk there and just enjoy the views.


If you looked closely, you could see some things: the lamps used to light the ski slope in winter, a lot of trees, shadows of my friends and… some building down the hill right at the end of the picture. You got it right – it’s Sofia!

For me Vitosha is one of those special places which you can see at least once in your life. It might be nothing special for most of the people, but it has the nice atmosphere. I am absolutely sure that in case I visit Sofia again soon (which I hope will happen) – I will go to Vitosha as well!


3 thoughts on “Vitosha – the mountain inside the city

  1. I have only seen Vitosha from afar but would love to go on a little hike there. It’s funny but us Finns usually don’t go around saying hi to people but here, it is also a tradition, that when you go hiking you greet the people you see on the way. I think it’s nice! Kind of when you go boating, you lift your hand up in a hello when another boat comes past :D

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    1. It’s really a lovely place, so do not even hesitate next time you’re in Sofia. For me those greetings are also weird, but very nice. I am pretty sure people keep the tradition, but it’s slowly dissapearing I guess.

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