Perast – another beautiful part of Montenegro

Not sure if you remember, but a while ago I mentioned something about my trip to Montenegro few years ago. I posted pictures only from Kotor, but I was also in Perast – which is on the way to Kotor from Croatia. It’s a tiny place, but it has something unique and very nice to see.

Perast is definitely a place where I could see myself living – tiny, rather quiet, with a lot of stone houses built just next to the sea. But there is something that attracts tourists and this is an artificial island with a Roman Catholic church on it.

The name of the Church is The Church of Our Lady of the Rocks, as the island is called Our Lady of the Rocks. Simple as that. To get to the island you have no other way than to take a boat / water taxi. It’s not a long distance, but it takes a few minutes to get there. All in all, I think that even if you are scared of those little taxi-boats (which I am not a big fan of, but sometimes it is a must) it’s worthy to use some courage to see such things.


Despite it might look small from outside, when you are on the island – the church seems to be relatively big. Not gigantic of course, but definitely bigger than what you think it could be. Here are some pictures from the island itself.


The church itself is just one function of the building. By getting to an island, you can also visit some exhibition forming a little museum. As far as I remember – this museum consist of things that are either historical for the church or have been found during the renovation of church and island.


As you can see – there is definitely some history in Our Lady of Rocks. And if you wanted to take some memories with you, there is (quite obviously) a souvenir shop. Well, I would say it is quite normal even in a small, artificial island :)

Last, but not least, I would like to share a picture of a building that I saw while walking to our water taxi. It is a museum building, but I really like two things about it. First – the architecture. Second – that this relatively new country wants to show that you are in Montenegro by putting own flag at the top. I have noticed that Montenegrin flags are on many buildings – that is a very nice idea.


I heard that some people complain that Montenegrin people are lazy, slow, but also – quite emotional. Well… I think that if I had a remote job and I needed some place to live, I might have chosen Montenegro as my place of residence. Why? Maybe after whole life in stressful and tense Eastern and Central Europe I could benefit from some laziness for a change? I am pretty sure that is the answer! Let’s keep dreaming then :)


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