Instagram top 5: March 2016

As you know, I opened an Intagram account a while ago. One of the part of Instagram is the number of “likes”. Even though it is not my goal, I want to share top 5 pictures from Instagram each month, but no – I am not planning just to put pictures. I will let you know why I made them, what was the circumstances etc. So, here’s #1 of “Instagram top”.

It’s almost May, but I did not make the compilation for March, so here’s what happened in March :)

  1. Tallinn – 13 likes

#Tallinn now #Estonia #Eesti

A post shared by Adam N. (@adnar86) on

Sometimes before I start work, I travel to Prisma store in Kristiine shopping center to buy some food, snacks, whatever :) And usually, I take a bus from Kristiine and go with a tram later on directly to my office. I was late for a tram this time, so I thought that I will take some random picture of Freedom Square area, and I did. I honestly think it is one of my best picture made with my crappy phone :)

2. Suwałki, Poland – 12 likes

My parents' dog. Ex-police dog ;) #dog #animal #lazydog :)

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My parents’ got a dog that was an ex-police dog and there were two ways – either he will be put to sleep or someone would adopt him. My parents decided to go with the adoption. Sid (that is his name) is very calm, he does not bark without any reason and his main hobby is to do nothing or play with a ball. He is a lovely dog though :)

3-5. Tallinn: tram no. 2 – 11 likes (ex aequo with 2 others)

Tory… Tramwaje i inne ;) #Tallinn #tram #tramway! #rails #onmywaytowork :)

A post shared by Adam N. (@adnar86) on

I love trams and I always look for the opportunity to jump on the tram instead of going to work by bus only. So usually I change at Sitsi stop and take either bus number 1 or 2. If there is some space at the back side of the tram, I always take it and try to make pictures or movies. This one was taken on a sunny day, with some winter around. You can also see the second tram.

3-5. Tallinn, Radisson Hotel, 24th floor – 11 likes

Memories from January #Tallinn #Estonia

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This is from January, yet I posted in it March. I was waiting for some friends who visited Tallinn next to elevators on 24th floor of Radisson Hotel in Tallinn. This hotel allows the people to use the outside balcony to take pictures. My friends were horribly late and I did not want to go on the balcony without them. So I took several pictures from… the window located next to the elevators. I think it was my best picture from that photo session ;)

3-5. Tallinn, Narva Maantee – 11 likes

It started getting dark. Such a lovely view! #Tallinn #Estonia #sky #nofilter

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This is my office view. It is located exactly in the center of Tallinn. It was already an early evening and I noticed that outside looks magical. Of course the pictures cannot tell the truth, but still – you can see that there was a great combination of not-yet-dark sky and city lights.

If you want to see more pictures, you can find my account here. Remember that I also have Facebook Account and my English language Twitter Account.


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