PLL LOT – people complain, I don’t

The working week is nearly over (hell, yeah!) and I got to know when I am coming back to Poland. It’s still a month or so. This time I will not be coming by plane as I need to bring my stuff. But the last time I was visiting Poland – it was by plane.

I am not a person who is afraid of flying, but I know there are people like that and they are somehow worried. Of course I can understand them, as anything can happen (especially based on the recent indicents with some flights that were either hijacked, shot down, fell or simply dissapeared). Nevertheless, since there are thousands of flights every day and majority of them go succesfully from point A to point B, we would have to be very unlucky to be a subject of flight incident.

My last flights were on the route Tallinn-Warsaw-Tallinn with LOT Polish Airlines. In total, I had over 30 flights with PLL LOT before – mostly on Warsaw-Sofia-Warsaw route. The time of flight to Sofia is just 2 hours, while to Tallinn it is around 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Despite of a very short flights, food is served on board – they have a basic, free service consisting of water, Prince Polo wafer and occasionally – some tea (I was lucky to get tea for free on Tallinn-Warsaw flight). The rest of the menu is paid, but it’s not bad. Why?

  • Few years ago LOT used to give some sandwich and coffee / tea for free. Sandwich was small and not really good. Coffee / tea was rather of a poor quality – coffee was not strong at all and once (because I was nice to the stewardess – I am always like that!) I was given a double coffee without any payment :)
  • The prices of the food are relatively fine for in-flight service. For example: the sandwich is 12 PLN (around 3 EUR) and is very big, fresh and delicious. Coffee / tea is 6 PLN (around 1,5 EUR).
  • The service is fast and efficient – if you’re hungry, you can get your food fast, as minority of passengers will pay for the food :)
  • You can pay with a credit card. I saw one passenger paying with a debit card. Worth trying :)

I have one complaint on my own though. I overheard that LOT is using 1 EUR = 3 PLN rate. This is a bad rate – I found the same in the vending machine of Warsaw-Modlin Airport. That business, but it’s unfair in my opinion.

The 0ther thing is the possibility to switch on the phones during the flight. I know this is a general rule now, but LOT Polish airlines updated their policies instantly after was introduced that phones with a flight mode do not cause any issues to the radars and internal equipment of the plane. What was the result?

I could take such pictures with my phone!


I find the on-board stewardesses and pilots very nice. At my latest flight pilot said “We are flying above Kaunas, we are already flying very high, at 12000 metres, it’s -51 degrees outside, not really worth to go out now” :)

There are some people who complain on the stewardesses, but I believe that if you are nice to people, they would come back to you with same kindness. Maybe that is why the stewardesses were always nice to me? I don’t know.

Anyways, LOT is fine, no need to complain :)


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