Fog on the sea? Possible in Estonia

Yesterday, due to sunny weather I decided to walk a bit on the seaside. As you know, I live just a few blocks away from Stroomi Beach – second most popular beach in Tallinn. In other words – I am there quite often. This time I got surprised though.

Usually, the weather on the beach is either cloudy or sunny, there is barely nothing in between. But this time, I have seen something for the first time of my life and decided to took some (a bit crappy :P) pictures. The best ones go to this post.

When I left the building I saw something fog-alike, but since it was like +8 degrees Celsius and it was sunny, I blamed my eyesight (I have an eye disease since my early childhood and I was not wearing glasses then). But it was through – the sea and part of the area was covered with fog.

Even though the picture below looks like made in early morning in some forest, it was not. The place where I took this picture was around 50 metres away from the beach. I was surprised myself with the result, as it ended up to be quite mysterious.


Here is another shot from the same place.


And one more, made close by.


The sea itself looked…well…you could not clearly see it. Neither could my phone camera.


As I mentioned, the fog did not cover all the area. In Poland when the fog is there, it usually covers some bigger area. Here, it was way different. Here is the shot of the buildings close to the sea.


My friend from work told me that such thing may be seen in Estonia, but I could not believe it. So now I changed my mind easily. This country keeps surprising me every day!


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