Weekend in Warsaw – part 4

It’s time for the last part of my series in regards to Warsaw. You could already read about Neon Museum, Public City Bicycle and Escape Room, but this time I will post some pictures about the rest of the things I have seen.

I arrived to Warsaw in the morning of 1st of April – the weather seemed to be the biggest April’s Fool – no sun at all, just clouds, rain and cold weather. Ok, maybe that was the way to invite me after long time of not being in the capital of my country ;) Anyways, even though I needed to walk and do some work stuff, I found time for a few pictures.

1. Warsaw’s Central Station


I decided to get out of my bus at Warszawa Centralna – Warsaw Central Train Station. I took the pictures only from outside, but I can reassure you that inside it is very well maintained. In the past, I hated this station – it was dirty, smelly, really not something Poland should be proud of. Before Euro 2012 football tournament that we co-hosted, it was renovated and after that – it was upgraded further. Now I can clearly say that it is a nice train station with a lot of shops and restaurants and even – with a direct access to the shopping center called Golden Terraces (Złote Tarasy).

2. Palace of Culture and Science


Next to the Central Station there is one of the most famous buildings in Poland. It is a Palace of Culture and Science (Pałac Kultury i Nauki in Polish). This is one of the buildings associated with Warsaw by tourists and foreigners and some people even want to remove it because of the communist associations. Well… I hope it won’t happen.

3. Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus

mini-Bazylika Najświętszego Serca Jezusowego

After I did what I needed in the center, I went to Praga South (Praga Południe) district in order to finish what I was supposed to do for work. When I was walking in Kawęczyńska street I saw a very nice church. I am not a believer, but I appreciate architecture of such buildings, so I decided to take a picture of it. If I had time, I might have even entered to see it better. If you’d like to see this place, you can go there easily by tram no. 7 from the center and get out at the last stop called Kawęczyńska-Bazylika.

4. Constitution square


In the afternoon, the weather fortunately got much better and stayed like that for the whole weekend (how lucky we were with my friends!). The building you see on the right side was the one where we rented the apartment for the weekend. This is a very good spot, as it is close to the center and also there is a lot of cafes and restaurants around. I really like this place and I wish I could afford living somewhere around when I move to Warsaw ;) The Polish name is Plac Konstytucji which means Constitution Square.

5. Park Ujazdowski


Park Ujazdowski is one of several parks in Warsaw. I really like the fact that despite of the early spring, it looked very green already. It must be marvellous in May or June! There were a lot of people and the atmosphere was really family-friendly, so I can recommend with my eyes closed :)

The part of Park Ujazdowski is its castle (Zamek Ujazdowski) – if I am not mistaken, it might have been the last spot that still belonged to Park Ujazdowski. This castle is a place where the Center of Modern Art is also located.


Just outside we came across the exhibition. This exhibition was actually made of the things found in the basements of the building and several other ones. It had old computers, screens, fire extinguishers etc. Maybe it’s not so much visible here, but it was done in a very interesting way – it a wooden box and the things were on the sides of it.


6. Park Agrykola


Agrykola is a park located just below the castle. I was lucky enough to take a picture from higher ground, so you can see quite a lot. It is very nice, full of young people, people riding bicycles, families and tourists. Another place I really loved!

7. BUW – The Library of the University of Warsaw


It was my second visit on the rooftop of this place – it is one of the best libraries I have ever seen – it has both places to study, eat something and relax. The rooftop is filled with plants, flowers and in spring it looks simply amazing. You can have a look both at the Old Town and also – you can spot the National Football Stadium from the other part of the roof.

8. Very nice public transport


You know I am a bit crazy about public transport. In Warsaw – most of it is new, like this tram. They also have underground, buses and trains. In new trams, made by Polish PESA company from Bydgoszcz, the space is much bigger than in the ones in Tallinn. Maybe that is why many people sit in the trams with their legs outside their seats? ;) Anyways, the transport is very comfortable and goes very often which does not make it super crowded outside the rush hours.

More about public transport when I would start using it living in Warsaw. Unfortunately I do not know when it is gonna happen, but probably – any time soon. Stay tuned :)


2 thoughts on “Weekend in Warsaw – part 4

  1. Warsaw is so great. I had such a short time there that I didn’t have time for the beautiful parks. Would love to go again. Actually you wouldn’t think of Warsaw as a shoppers paradise but my daughter sure thought so – great malls too :D

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I actually like malls there as well, though for me it’s nothing special when I visit. Obviously it will be when I start living there :D There is one thing that makes Warsaw better in this matter than Tallinn – a lot of international stores that are missing here and also – dozens of discounts :) I suppose I will make something about shopping when I move there.

      Liked by 1 person

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