Escape Room – lots of fun for everyone

When I was in Warsaw with 6 more friends of mine we went to so-called Escape Room. If you don’t know the concept – I will explain it to you, but first thing first – it’s really A LOT of fun!

Escape Room is a kind of game. But no, it’s not just a normal game – when you start, you are locked in the room and you have to find your way out of it. Your goal is to find a key and get out. Usually, you have 60 minutes for that. In order to be successful you need to cooperate, but you can also have players in the group who will try to mess up with the team as they are asked to do so.

It was my first time in the Escape Room. We were only 3 in the room (it is up to 6 people) and we escaped in time anyway! Ok, it took us 57 minutes, but still – not bad for the first time. Here is a short video of how it looks like more or less.

Hollywood and Saw

Initially, I was supposed to go to the room called Saw inspired by the movie at the same title. Nevertheless, my friend instited to go there and I agreed to switch with him. The room was a bit scary according to what I was told, but I think it is not a problem and if I could, I would go there next time. I still very much liked my room and I am not sad at all that I switched.

My Room was called Hollywood and our goal was to find the key based on several clues. Some of the clues were in… Russian and we were very happy that one of the members of our team speaks fluent Russian. Otherwise, we would have to use the dictionary and we would lose a lot of precious time. Of course, I could not really share pictures with you as it was prohibited, but I can tell you that I could live in such room as it was quite luxurious :)

Anyways, in order to get to the main key, we needed to open several locks and find some hints that were not that obvious. You definitely do not have to get any specific knowledge (Ok, maybe except some Russian :P), you need to use some practical knowledge and logic  though. In the Escape Room we went to you can ask for hints without limits however… sometimes the voice in the room says “no” just to annoy the players. Of course, the room is filled in with cameras and microphones, the service is caring about you and your safety very much :)

Where to go to Escape Room while in Warsaw?

The Escape Room we used is called – it is not in the center (to be absolutely honest, it is not even close) and you can get lost easily. Even Taxi drivers are not sure where to go. My hint for you is the fact that it is not the building where “Gerda” is written and also – not a building with “Poczta kwiatowa” written on it. You have to go closer to the main road.

The prices are really OK – it’s around 30 euros for the room. It is absolutely inexpensive per person, as you are paying for the whole room. As soon as I move to Poland, I am definitely coming again.

There are some people who are passionate about Escape Rooms – I can definitely understand why is that!


5 thoughts on “Escape Room – lots of fun for everyone

    1. I never heard of that either before my friends told me about it. I did not really know what to expect but my experience was clearly fantastic. There are several Escape Rooms in Warsaw but the one is located in Łopuszańska 53 :)

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    1. Oh yes, it is :) There are several in Tallinn as well, and they seem to gain popularity. I am really grateful to my friends that they came up with this idea, as probably I would have no idea about this type of place myself. The great thing about it is the fact that they are themed and they do have many different scenarios – so even if you come to one, you might be surprised with a different one next time :) The people who run the one in Warsaw seem to be quite creative and they even upgrade the rooms based on the suggestions of the players. If you come to some in Helsinki, would be fun to read something about it on your blog :)

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