City bike experience

My second post about my stay in Warsaw will not be filled with pictures this time, but some of the information would be definitely useful for you when you are planning to visit Warsaw. The capital of Poland has its own citybike system – the cost is very low and the ride is just a pleasure!

I had a pleasure to rent city bikes to have a ride throughout Warsaw with my friends on Saturday. Bikes are absolutely comfortable, they are quite heavy, are equipped with gears and have two types of breaks – hand break and break when you try to move the pedals backwards (the second one was a bit hard to get used to for me as I have not used such bicycle for a looooooooooong time).

The system in Warsaw is called Veturilo or Warszawski Rower Publiczny (Public Bicycle of Warsaw) and is available throughout the city. Usually it works from March till November as, which you might now, winters in Poland tend to be cold and snowy and this definitely does not allow to keep the bikes outside :) There are over 200 stations and 3000 bikes available throughout Warsaw and some neighbouring cities.

The bikes look like that (picture from

Veturilo onet

Ok, now a few words about the prices. Imagine you want to go for a few kilometres by bike. This might take like 20-30 minutes, maybe up to 1 hour. If you are fast enough – you will have a ride for free! First 20 minutes are free of charge and from 21st to 60th minute you will pay… 1 PLN. It’s just around 0,25 EUR! Comparing to public transport which is 1,10 EUR for 75 minutes – it’s quite cheap, yet – of course you can make the course faster with a tram or subway (not with bus sometimes though).

In order to use a city bike in Warsaw you need to have an account with a system and keep min. 10 PLN (2,5 EUR) on it. Then you need to go to any of bike terminals to borrow the bicycle. You have to leave it at the one of your choice after you finish your ride. Simple as that!

If you are worried that there will be no bike terminal next to your destination – you can stop now. I tried to make a screenshot of the whole map, but it’s not really possible as there are so many stops! It looks like that more or less:

Veturilo mapa

As you can see – there is definitely a lot :)

I recommend the system to anyone – it’s fun, it’s healthy and easy to use. I have already registered on their website and I will surely use the bikes when I finally move to Warsaw!

Head Picture: Municipality of Warsaw website


2 thoughts on “City bike experience

  1. We had city bikes in Helsinki years back and it was a disaster as people threw them in the gutter and so on. I have now understood they are going to try it again this summer with a different concept. Looks like it works well in Warsaw! 😊

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    1. Wow, that’s quite shocking I must say – people should know that they should treat things like that as some kind of common property. In Warsaw bike stations are actually watched by some special security company and also – since you are giving your data when you register, if you don’t return it or break it – you will pay fines. If I remember right, the fine is 500 euro and it’s quite a lot in Poland. If you have a chance to use a city bike in Helsinki, I would be happy to see the post about it in your blog :) The concept itself is marvellous and in Poland – you can find it in most of bigger cities.

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