Warsaw’s Neon Museum

So, the vacation has finally ended and I am back to blogging :) I am back to Tallinn after a week in Poland. It was a nice stay, especially the weekend when I went to Warsaw and this means that over the next few days you will see some pictures from this stay. On Saturday I had a pleasure to visit the Neon Museum – located in the Southern part of Warsaw’s Praga district. I must say it was a really nice experience.

The Neon Museum is located in the old factory building. Outside it is neither convincing, nor inviting. If someone is used to clean and modern spots – he or she might feel a bit uncomfortable. But it’s worth it!

The museum started to shape when two people decided to document the history of Polish neon lights in the project called “Polski Neon”. The initiative was welcomed with a huge excitement and applauded by many people.

The museum has over 200 neon lights – most of them from People’s Republic of Poland (PRL) times. There is a very interesting story behind it. We all know that PRL in Poland was rather sad. Shops were empty and there was a rationing of food. People were standing in long queues to get meat and other goods they could buy only with some special coupons. But at the same time – there were colourful neon lights that were supposed to put some smile on people’s faces. There were also bars and restaurants where people could forget about the bad sides of life.

I took pictures of a few neons that I liked. Some of them were also quite important to me, as they reminded me of my youth for example :) Like these ones:


They come from train (could be also bus) stations, possibly from Warsaw East or Warsaw Central. 10 years ago I spent a lot of time on these stations while travelling between Lublin where I studied and Suwałki where I lived. It was before the renovations that took place prior to Euro 2012 football tournament. After that all changed to much more modern, and the old neons… got into the museum.

If you have been to Warsaw, you surely know that one of the main symbols of the city is the Mermaid of Warsaw. You can see her in the back side of this picture.


Now, let’s switch to some shopping. The first neon here is from Cepelia store. This store sells and promotes Polish folklore – you can buy traditional products and clothes. And yes – it still exists.


The second one is quite funny – it is a neon light from the shoe store. Obuwie is one of the words for shoes in Polish. And what a surprise that the neon show puss in boots :)


And now some entertainment – the first neon light shows quite a typical neon for a pub or bar in those times.


The second one is a cinema neon. In this case, this is a “Helios” cinema neon and just below it – Praha cinema’s one. Kino Praha still exists :)


And if you need some time for a book – that place is the right one. Biblioteka in Polish is a library (full neon was Biblioteka Publiczna which means “Public library”).


If you are in Warsaw, you can see more neons at Mińska 25 street. You can see their website by clicking here. The tickets costs 8 PLN (discounted) and 10 PLN (Full price) which is equivalent of 2 and 2,5 euros.

In the next few days I will post more from Warsaw. And believe me – there is a lot to write about :) Have a lovely week!



One thought on “Warsaw’s Neon Museum

  1. What an interesting museum, I really enjoyed reading about it. These neon lights and their symbolism are new to me but this museum is totally one I would want to visit. :)

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