What I did not post from Sofia, but I should!

Hey everyone! First of all I would like to inform you that my professional life just punched me with a face with lots of work… what can I do? :) For some time I will post a bit less often, I hope you don’t mind. Still – there a post today.

You might have remembered my post about the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia. I love this place but there are still some unposted pictures from there. So today I will post some random pics from Sofia with an explanation why I posted them and what do they show.

  1. On my way to Tokuda Hospital:

mini-IMG_0907 (2).JPG

Either a part of Yuzhen or Loven parks – I am not sure. Still – the trees are awesome!

mini-IMG_0908 (2).JPG

View on Vitosha from the surroundings of James Boucher subway station. 2 trams as a bonus :)

2. Lavov most metro station – I really loved it, because of the project – those street lanterns and benches was an excellent idea!

mini-IMG_0928 (2)mini-IMG_0929 (2)

3. Another shot of Yuzhen Park – green, quiet, full of sun!

mini-IMG_0951 (2).JPG

4. Lozenets and rails – it is a common thing that in order to get to my block, I walked between two rails. A lot of people did that.

mini-IMG_0966 (2)mini-IMG_0969 (2)

6. Polish language – Polish poet Czesław Miłosz featured on a school (or library, not sure) building both in Polish and Bulgarian. That’s near Opalchenska metro station.

mini-IMG_0974 (2)

7. Typical old tram inside – between stops from City Center Sofia to Spartak swimming pool. I lived next to it.

mini-IMG_1035 (2)

Wish me luck at work – as soon as everything is done, I will be happy to post more with new pictures and stories! :)


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