Place I loved in Tallinn: Pirita

As I already mentioned on my Facebook profile, yesterday I used some nice weather and walked a bit on the Pirita beach. There were quite a lot of people but I still loved it so much that all I want to do is go back there as soon as it’s sunny again!

Some weeks ago I posted a bit about Stroomi Beach that I had a walk on. This is one of the two most popular beaches alongside with Pirita. Stroomi is just 2 minutes walking from my current residence in Tallinn and Pirita is far away. But I realized that before I leave Tallinn, I need to see Pirita and walk there for at least few minutes.

First thing first: Going to Pirita is extremely easy :) The place I went to yesterday lies just 15 minutes by bus from Viru Shopping Center (right in the center of Tallinn, just few steps from the Old Town). There is a bus terminal in the underground of Viru Keskus – you can take the following buses to Pirita from there: 1A, 8 and 34A. There is also 38 going there, but it’s an extremely rare bus – just once per hour or even less.

To get to the place I went, you need to get out of the bus at Pirita or Supluse puiestee stops. Important: 34A does not stop at Supluse puiestee. I would recommend going out on Supluse puiestee for one particular reason: by going out on Pirita stop you will miss such entry to the beach!

This is the place I went through yesterday. I must admit I felt a little bit like I was in Augustów! There are a lot of restaurants and hotels around this place – they might have been closed but in this part there was barely no people. Just some walking around, running or walking their dogs.

When I exited the forest, there was just a small walking path directly to the beach. Be careful – it is also open for cars so you share this space :) First thing you would see is the beach and despite of the fact that there is barely no snow in Tallinn at the moment, the sand was not there, it was still covered with snow:


There is also a possibility to go on the breakwater type of thing that is safe… only till the “no entry” sign. There are two reasons for that: one is that there are no barriers, so in case you lose your balance – it’s possible you’ll fall on the rocks and then to the sea. Second: the general quality of the breakwater is not the best (looks like it was damaged several times). Later on I will show you why you should look very carefully under your feet, but first enjoy the view (you can enlarge the pics by clicking on them):

The pictures above were taken from the safe part. But then, I went onto the less safe part:

I did not go on the last, rocky part as I have some history with ankle twisting, but I can tell you that it was quite narrow and very uneven – I suppose the pictures cannot really show it.

As I promised – this is why you should be very careful on the part which should not be used by people:


That is just quite a deep hole in the middle of the path. If you are not careful, you will fall into it. So no looking at Facebook on your phone while walking in Pirita please ;)

Last but not least – some random shots of the area, that did not make it to any of the categories above:

I am absolutely sure that Pirita is an incredible place in summer. Also – if you want, there is a walking path from this place towards the center. It is around 4 kilometres and I saw a lot of people running / walking / riding bicycles there. I will come back there as soon as I have time. That’s a must see in Tallinn for relaxing time!


PS. I know not all the pictures are of a great quality, but neither is my cheap, Latvian phone ;)


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