Sveti Toma and around!

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great and fun weekend and if you are working Monday-Friday, you will come back to work with a lot of smile on your faces :) Today I would like to share some pictures from a very nice place in Bulgaria that is quite close to Sozopol.

Around 15 km from Sozopol there is a place which is very nicely thought through – it’s Sveti Toma (or Saint Thomas) holiday village. It is considered to be a 5-star hotel, however I would give them 4 in my scale. The hotel itself consists of regular hotel rooms and the apartments. The funniest thing is that those apartments are both – rented to the tourists and owned by some private individuals. In other words – they have a piece of heaven at Bulgarian sea and you can walk around a person who just lives in the complex!

I was there twice – both time with the company I worked for. First we were given a hotel room, which was OK. Next year, me and my colleague were given an apartment – great one I must say. We had 2 balconies and I took several pictures from the first one. It overlooked… the sea!

Quite honestly, if I get enough money when I retire, I would be extremely happy to have such views from my window or balcony!

We also had a chance to see some beautiful lands from the boat. The trip, organized by my employer back then, consisted of boat tour, some food at the beach and the return. The result? I got dehydrated and sunburnt, but my colleagues kind of helped me by buying me medicines and water. Still – it was worth it if you look at such views!

Those pictures kind of sum up why I love those smaller places in Bulgarian seaside – a lot of nature, not many people and a lot of places to enjoy a lazy holiday. I should not add that locals are friendly (which is not shared by some of my friends, however – they have been in typical tourist spots and I know that they expect more than they really should ;) ).

Sveti Toma complex is actually very nice. You have everything there – nice restaurants, swimming pools, sea views, sandy beach (you need to go down the stairs), supermarket and good quality of apartments. The only minus is the fact it’s a few kilometres from the nearest town, but if you are in Sveti Toma for holidays – this shall not be a problem :)

Have a happy week everyone!



2 thoughts on “Sveti Toma and around!

    1. It’s a really lovely place in general :) I always recommend this place to my friends and they come back happy and relaxed. If I only could I would be there just now haha. Have a nice day :)


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