Insta…what? Yes, it happened

Hi guys!

So today’s short post would be about my fear of modern technology. Ok, maybe I am not scared, but I am usually very reluctant to try something new that most of the people I know are already using. Still – I need to get used to some things and then…boom… I create an account here or there.

First news is that I have created an Instagram account. Ok, maybe I have not created it, but I started using it. I opened it really a long time ago, but today was the first day when I uploaded some pictures. You can find it very easily, by clicking HERE. If you want, just follow.

I created this account as I have many random, “assorted” pictures that I would like to share, but I cannot share it in the post as they do not create any story. So I will be putting them there. Honestly, I am still learning how to use that, so excuse me for any mistakes :)

In my Instagram you can already find pictures like this one:

Tory… Tramwaje i inne ;) #Tallinn #tram #tramway! #rails #onmywaytowork :)

A post shared by Adam N. (@adnar86) on

Of course, it’s made in Tallinn. And that’s why I love travelling on the back side of the tram :)

Twitter, Facebook etc.

I was also afraid of other social media. Except Facebook maybe that I opened quite fast (still – I was not sure how to deal with many things at the beginning, but I slowely learnt that). With Twitter the story was funnier.

I was opening the Twitter account twice. Once – when I did it a few years ago since “All my friends are doing that”. I think I posted 20 tweets in 3 years. Then… I started losing control over my account – someone hacked it and I had 300 followers and 1000 followed accounts in one day. Most of them were from Arabic countries. That was weird.

So I closed an account and then I opened another one few years later – with stronger password and less data included. For now everything is fine :)

To sum up, if you’d like to follow any of my social media, here they are:

PS. I was also very much against buying a smartphone few years ago but I changed my mind with the first one I got ;)

Have a happy weekend!



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