At the end of Poland – Gołdap

Suwałki area is unique – it’s relatively close to three countries – Lithuania, Belarus and… Russia. Yes, if you did not know that from geography, Poland neighbours Kaliningrad area that belongs to Russia. Just a few kilometres from the border there is a tiny town of Gołdap with the best SPA hotel in the area!

I spent a few nice days in Gołdap on my holidays that were in June 2013. As I had a very stressful job back then, I decided to go to the SPA hotel. As I already visited the one in Augustów – I decided to head to the other direction. My goal was Hotel Ventus (click to  go to the hotel website). This is a 4 star hotel that is very close to Poland-Russia border. Yet – you will not hear cars or trucks going there as it is rather a silent part of the area.

Nevertheless, when you enter the hotel there is one, highly visible note saying more or less:

Dear Guests! Please be informed that we are very close to Russian Federation. In order to avoid roaming costs, please switch your mobile phones to the “manual” network selection and choose Polish networks as otherwise – you may end up in the Russian network which is more expensive.

Never happened to me though and I forgot to switch to manual search :)

Few words about Gołdap itself

So Gołdap is a small town – it has around 14 000 inhabitants and I must say that the center is nothing special – just a typical small town in Poland. But the surroundings are magical!

Gołdap is a marvellous place both in summer in winter. In summer – you can enjoy lakes or just stroll around in the green fields. In winter, you can ski. Yes, Gołdap is not in the mountains but it has a popular ski slopes called “Piękna Góra” (litterally: Beautiful mountain).


Looks like a regular mountain resort, doesn’t it? Source:

Still, Gołdap is considered to be one of the “SPA and wellness towns” in Poland. One of the points of going there is the possibility to stay in Brine Graduation Tower popular amongst the locals and tourists of all ages.

Around Ventus Hotel…

The surroundings of Ventus Hotel are wonderful in my opinion. There is a lot of greenness and just on the other side of the road you can walk around on the big field located quite close to the forest!

Hotel itself does not look like a hotel, but more like a regular house. You can see a bit of it on the picture below:

mini-2013-06-25 15.27.20 (2)

On the same side of the road where the hotel is, you can find some tiny forest that leads to the lake. Surprisingly, even though it was just in the beginning of summer, people were already swimming in the water! I was not that brave I must say ;)

First picture above is the “entrance” to the lake. The name of the lake is also “Gołdap” btw.

There are also some nice walking paths around the hotel. It is maybe nothing special, but just incredible for relaxation. Note: look where you are walking, if you go too far – you can end up at the border :)

If you read my blog, you know that my dream one day is to live in a house in the village. If I had the neighbourhood as above – I would also be very happy. I love open spaces and for me if there are too many buildings around, it’s kind of uncomfortable. That is why living in a big city is rather not my thing and I am trying to get out as many times as possible :)

If you are coming to the North-Eastern Poland, this area is really something I can recommend. The hotel is really good as well – spa is rich and the procedures are just excellent. You can feel like a newborn baby after that!

If anyone from Ventus Hotel reads that, all I want to stay is “Thank you for the stay. It was worth the money!” :)


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