One autumn Saturday on the Old Town

So as you know I live in Tallinn and I will be here for the next few weeks at least. When I moved here I decided to go to an Old Town at least once. I have been there just a few times as quite honestly – if I live somewhere, I rather do not go to “tourist places”, in particular because I am not a fan of big crowds, but this day it was not crowded at all as the weather was far away from perfect.

I decided to take a short walk on the Old Town somewhere around November 2015. I accidentally found some viewing point where I could make some nice pictures but it was without any purpose – as I just walked around without any plan.

First I took a bus to the Old Town and I went out on the stop called “Hotell Tallinn” – you always go through it if you take the bus number 40 that goes from Põhja-Tallinn to the Center. Then I just walked and the first thing I saw was “St. Alexander Nevski’s Cathedral”. And even though the one I saw in Sofia, Bulgaria was far bigger, this one is impressive either.

mini-IMG_1440 (2)mini-IMG_1441 (2)mini-IMG_1442 (2)

Then, I found a viewing point where I could picture some of the Old Town’s buildings. The first view is especially interesting: you can see some business skyscrapers in the background. This is the only business area of Tallinn and you can find just a few skyscrapers there. Most of the buildings are really classic – even my office is in such building – it’s just 6 floors. I love this idea.

mini-IMG_1443 (2)mini-IMG_1446 (2)

After I took these pictures I decided to walk down, using some old stairs. It was a perfect idea.

First, I found some reminders of Danish rulling of Estonia… it can still be considered to be a coat of arms of Harju county (the one with Tallinn) as they are almost identical! ;)

mini-IMG_1454 (2)

Then, I found my way out through some gate. I hope I was not trespassing some person’s private property, but there was no fence so… ;)

mini-IMG_1456 (2)

After that I turned right and I saw very pretty buildings that reminded me of some Scandinavian children movie that I saw when I was little. Kill me, I don’t remember the title :)

mini-IMG_1459 (2)

When I finished the short walk on the Old Town I decided that it’s time to go home. I ended up going through the Freedom Square where I made some more pictures. First thing that caught my eyes was St. John’s Church that is on the square. Unfortunately I could not go inside as it was closed for some reason, but I managed to picture it from outside.

mini-IMG_1472 (2)mini-IMG_1467 (2)

I really like such tall churches that are well-maintained. This church is not only for masses but also – a place for concerts. Probably because of great accoustics there.

I also could not miss Column for Victory in War of Independence that I am just calling a “Freedom Cross”. My name is not a surprise if you see the picture. This cross is lightened at night which you can see at web camera for example (you can have a look at the weather website – the camera pointing at cross is there).

mini-IMG_1466 (2)

Freedom square itself is also a place for meetings and events – like when Estonia celebrated their independence day just a few days ago (24th of February). And when we are at the independence day: the building below is used for handing a big Estonian flag as the celebrations of independence are done also in Freedom Square.

mini-IMG_1471 (2)mini-IMG_1476 (2)

As you can see – there is also an “Estonian Air” office there – the national Estonian carrier that unfortunately went bankrupt quite recently.

Tallinn’s Old Town is unique and definitely beautiful. It can be overcrowded and usually is. But it’s surely worth seeing at least once in your life!


One thought on “One autumn Saturday on the Old Town

  1. I love the Old Town and makes sure I always visit when I go. It’s just a lot of fun to walk around and I never tire of the beautiful buildings. There are some really nice cafés too. Great photos!

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