Bulgarian village? Why not!

Yes, I know I write a lot about Bulgaria. But why shouldn’t I if there are so many nice and funny stories connected with my time spent and when I visited the country? Especially while today is the 1st of March and even though the post will not be about it, I want to start with: Честита Баба Марта to all Bulgarians following :) Today I will write about the “village spa holiday” I spent in Pchelin.

Where is Pchelin? Well, according to my knowledge, it is in the middle of nowhere. Ok, maybe not in the middle of nowhere, but definitely in the place with bad mobile phone and mobile internet reception. If I did not have to work those days, I would say that it was a blessing. But anyways, to get to Pchelin it is almost obligatory to have a car. If you don’t, then your goal is a town of Kostenets from where… you can walk for a few kilometres or pray that some of your friends with a car would magically appear :)

Hotel Vitalis where we stayed is a small, yet great hotel for the people who do not require a lot but nice atmosphere and relaxation. Prices are really nice, even though the hotel is a little outdated… ok, a lot outdated. There is also a restaurant where some waitresses are extremely rude (for one, we were laughing that if she smiles then it means that she might be sick ;) ). The biggest asset of the hotel is surely it’s swimming pool. But it’s not a normal pool – it’s an outside, heaten swimming pool that allowed us to take baths even if there was 0 degrees outside and at night (even though it was open till 6 pm but no one seemed to care that we are there at 3 am). I was there in April. Yes, at night it was cold!

mini-2013-04-18 10.27.23 (2)mini-2013-04-19 10.17.12 (2)

The swimming pool that was heaten up to 40-50 degrees. It was really hot, believe me :)

Personnell of the hotel did not speak English at all – also at the reception desk. And now imagine having a spa treatment (which we had included) where you have to communicate without a word or with basic Russian :) The funniest story was the fact that some of those treatments were actually untypical. For example: some salt baths for your feet (which I took and quite honestly – my problem with twisting ankles was gone for 3 years now). How did the spa lady measured the time I need to have my salt bath? With a… cooking timer (no, I am not kidding) :) I also got a back and face massage. The “spa facilities” were scary. Looked like the some torture places from horror movies or some very old hospital. At least the spa people were very nice and the treatments – good :)

The hotel itself was located out of any possible civilization. Ok, there was a store that was open from 11 to 13 every day and was selling just… nothing. Yes, I had a feeling that it was selling only some bleach and floor cleaners! But it was not a problem when you enjoyed such calm views.

Were there any animals that woke you up in the early morning? Or maybe some mini zoo? Well, not really, unless we count “not really a walking distance” :)

mini-2013-04-19 10.55.13 (2)

Yep – it’s 8 KILOMETRES ;)

Still, the best thing about this place was what we could see around. I would really love to have such views when I get up every morning. Who knows, I am planning to win a lottery for a few years now, so maybe one day I will be able to afford to look at the mountains (still covered in snow!)

mini-DSC_1868 (2)mini-DSC_1885 (2)

All in all – it’s not the hotel that counts. It’s either the area or the people who you are with. I was with people who I still admire, my friends from some old job. I still like them and I am quite sad we are not in touch that often. But maybe one day we will all meet again and maybe in Pchelin.

Btw – I hope you finally believe me that Bulgaria is not only Golden Sands and Sunny Beach. It’s also a lot of smaller, lower quality, but simply adorable places.

PS. If you don’t know what is celebrated on the 1st March in Bulgaria – you can google “Baba Marta” or “Martenitsa”. I have one Martenitsa at my Polish home (so I cannot picture it now) and it is sent… by the same people who were with me in Pchelin. Good memories!

Hopefully your March would start as nicely as possible!



3 thoughts on “Bulgarian village? Why not!

    1. It’s surely in the middle of nowhere, I promise :D I forgot to mention that if you put “Pchelin” in Google Maps, it actually direct you to Pchelin in Burgas area. And to find this place in Google Maps you need to put “Hotel Vitalis, Pchelin” – then it shows it. So the place is reaaaally tiny :) Have a nice evening

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