3 cities, 2 countries, 8 days and best birthday ever!

Today I would like to share my memories from 2012. This year was full of nice travelling and seeing great places. Though only some of my trips were to the places that I have seen for the first time. Here is my time in Poland and Bulgaria.

My trip was connected with work and holiday. In 2012, the company I worked in back then organized trainings for the customers and one of the stops was Kraków. Kraków is a capital city of Małopolskie voivodeship and you can also know it by the English name “Cracow”. It was not my first visit there, but it took a few years from the previous one. Plus the previous one was just for job interview, so I went there in the morning and then – came back the same evening.

This time I was there for 3 days. And it was full of emotions, those nicer and those more horrible :)

I arrived in Kraków on Friday (27.04) taking a flight from Warsaw. We took a domestic flight with my colleague on LOT Polish Airlines. I was travelling for this purpose from Suwałki, my home town, so within a few hours I travelled all the country from the North to the South as Kraków lies in the South.

Our room for the training was Novotel Centrum which is located just by the Wisła River. It allowed me to take a nice picture from the window. It shows the river and quite a clear sky for Kraków, the town with the biggest smog problem in Poland and almost the biggest in Europe. You can see a bit of smog in the background unfortunately.


This area is quite prestigious – it is just a few minute walk to reach the main Market Square and also – there are a lot of hotels around. Still – I would recommend general safety approach there, especially in the evening, as it is a popular tourist place too.

The next night I spent was in Ibis Budget Hotel. This chain is known for the cheap rooms and showers in the rooms as well ;) If it’s not a problem for you to take a shower just next to your bed and to have your basin as the first thing you see in the morning, it might be for you! For me it was not a problem :)

I left my luggage at this hotel on Sunday and I was supposed to meet my friend but he cancelled it. So I had a full day to myself. It was a very warm day (around 30 degrees Celsius which is not so common at the end of April) so I went around without any sense. I ended up in Planty – that’s a park around the Old City of Kraków. Very relaxing and surprisingly calm at some places:


The same day, at around 8 pm I was walking around the bus station in Kraków as I wanted to check from which platform my night bus is coming. Unfortunately, when I was walking, I twisted my ankle, fell and injured my knee. No one really asked me if I am OK and no one wanted to help. Sad, but I expected that as very unfortunately – Polish people are somehow scared of helping. The staff of Ibis Budget Hotel was extremely helpful though. They gave me the bandages and plasters and also – allowed me to sit with them at the reception area till I have to leave for the bus.

I took a bus after midnight, it was “Polski Bus” to Warsaw. Then, I went to Chopin Airport and… flew to Sofia. This was an awkward way of travelling as my goal was Varna. So I took domestic flight by Bulgaria Air. It took just 50 minutes and it was quite comfortable. I took some pictures of course – the quality is not so good though – as I made the pictures with my iPod (those old times when having a phone on was not permitted during the flight – now it is allowed in LOT for example).

When I reached Varna, I stayed at Best Western hotel. Just, beware – check the full name. My friends who picked me up from the airport, drove me first to Best Western Park Hotel, while it turned out I made a reservation at Best Western Prima Hotel. The second one is in the center and is smaller. But both are in Varna.

My hotel was super close to the beach, you just had to cross the park called “Primorski park”. The name is very simple. It literally means “Park on the seaside”.Clever! As it was end of April, it was already very beautiful with some nice green trees and flowers!

Just across the park there is a sea as the name suggests :) The weather was very nice and staying on the beach was a pleasure. It was not crowded as it was like the middle of working day, but still – there were some people sunbathing. Of course, no one was swimming as the water was like 12 degrees, but I put my feet there for a second (yes, I am a bit crazy ;) ). One day we also spent evening with my friends just by the sea so you can see one picture from that moment as well.

I was in Varna for 3 days, I spent my 26th birthday there. It was obviously one of the best birthdays ever – on the seaside, in a very nice town and with… my friends. I was invited to their home in Varna and we had a small party. I was just happy :)

On Thursday, I went to Sofia. I stayed in Sofia for 2 days and then I returned to Poland. In Sofia I also met my friends from the office and we somehow celebrated my birthday. I stayed at Park Hotel Moskva located in Borisova Gradina which is a big park in the capital of Bulgaria. As the hotel is very tall, I had marvellous views from my room. Some of my friends laughed that I stayed above some giant broccoli! Well, it’s kinda true ;)


The funny story here is the fact that I was trying to get to my office at a last day of stay and I did, but… I got kind of lost so it took me like 2 hours to get out of Borisova Gradina! I was helped by a taxi driver who spoke Russian (I did not really speak Bulgarian at that time) and it turned out I was absolutely lost and far away from my office building – 5 leva in Bulgaria for a taxi really means you are few kilometres away from your place and this is how much I paid ;)

I came back to Poland happy and not a bit tired. And I think then I realized that I just love to travel. It does not tire me, it gives me power and happiness.

And now, have a nice weekend and I will come back to cleaning my archives :)


2 thoughts on “3 cities, 2 countries, 8 days and best birthday ever!

  1. Sounds like a wonderful birthday. Varna’s Primorski Park is indeed a lovely place and Sofia is a fun city. Good thing the driver was willing to speak in Russian – a lot of Bulgarians (and no doubt Poles) don’t like doing that at this point.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, taking the history into consideration – speaking Russian is not a favourite thing of Poles either :) I can tell you though that he might have helped me as first I asked him in my basic Bulgarian if he speaks English. Anyways – he was very nice and helpful, I think he knew I was lost :)

      Liked by 1 person

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