Sopot, Polish Sopot

Did you know that there is a town in Poland called Sopot? Did you know that Bulgaria has a town of exactly the same name? No, I have not been to Bulgarian Sopot, but I have been to Polish one. Just once in my life – back in 2012.

Polish Sopot is a part of so called “TriCity” that consists of Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot of course. These three cities are neighbouring each other. Sopot is located by the Baltic Sea – it has nice sandy beaches, but the biggest attraction is called “Molo”. Molo is a wooden bridge. But no, it’s not just a bridge. It is actually the longest wooden bridge in Europe! It is 512 metres long and attracts hundreds of people every day.

In order to avoid too many people going to the bridge but also, to gain some money, the entrance to the bridge requires… buying a ticket! Yes, molo is treated like a museum or cinema – you cannot get without a ticket. Fortunately, the entrance is not super expensive – it’s less than 2 euro and you can walk there as long as you want. In low season (though it might be even called off season) the entrance is free of charge – this year it is valid till 29.04. The only warning: it might be a bit slippery due to location on the sea.

Here are some pictures I took at Molo in 2012:

The other things that are known about Sopot is: very high prices of the apartments (almost or even more than in Warsaw!), partying in summer (there are a lot of bars and restaurants) and Ergo Arena (one of the biggest sport arenas – located on the border between Sopot and Gdańsk). Sopot is also a popular place for spa treatments – it has a status of spa and wellness city of Poland.

To get to Sopot you might take a flight to Gdańsk first and then – take a train or bus. As far as I know – there are even city buses coming between the cities as they are located next to each other. I went there from Warsaw and took a flight to Gdańsk. I went with the most controversial airlines in Poland called “OLT Express”. These airlines existed only for a few months as it turned out that they are involved in financial scandal – they went bankrupt in one day…

I still have some pictures from the sky, nice memory!

Generally speaking – I can recommend visiting Sopot when you are at a Polish sea. But I can say that there are much calmer and less commercial places too. Polish seaside is crowded during the summer, so it’s definitely not a place for anyone who wants to relax – no matter where you go!




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