Poland: I love you and I hate you – at the same time!

Have you ever thought that you love your own country, but at the same time – you would not say no to being somewhere else for a little while? This text might be for you. And if you are Polish like me, then it is surely about you!

Today it got confirmed that I will be relocated from Tallinn to Poland in a few months. Of course, it makes me quite happy as I come back to Poland with a good job which I really like. I am also supposed to move to the bigger city which means more interesting life. I stopped today to realize if I really want it and my answer was: yes!

Soon I’ll be 30 years old (no, it’s not the quote from Lukas Graham’s song, I will be 30 in May) and for most of my life I lived in Suwałki, Poland. That is a small, quite conservative town in the Eastern Poland. Nevertheless, I was travelling a lot too and I always found Poland very unfriendly and unsafe. For the second part – one of the people from my office who lived in Poland for a year confirmed that it was the only country where he felt unsafe.

Ok, let’s not write about it now!

Loving Poland

Poland is an amazing country. We are diverse – West is more developed, East is more traditional and natural, we have mountains and the sea. We have bad roads and good roads, houses and blocks (sometimes next to each other). And our most popular supermarket is called “Biedronka” which means “A ladybird”.

We also have 2 subway lines in the whole country, but also a lot of trams, city buses and trains. Have you seen Solaris bus or Pesa tram? Yes, they are both Polish :)

Ok, maybe I went too far. But what I need to say is that:

1. Our capital (Warsaw) is impressive, at least from the sky:

Totally, perfectly and absolutely honestly I never liked Warsaw. Warsaw I knew was only from the perspective of “Eastern Station” or “Western Station” + sometimes “Central Station”.But once I went with a tour with my friend who was born and raised in Warsaw and he shown me places that gave me the impression that this city has something more than bus / train stations and a subway. And yes, I will be living there in a few months :)

2. Birds love to fly above Poland – the view is magical!

We really have a lot of fields, forests, rivers and mountains – bigger cities also have quite a lot of “green” spots or even beaches next to rivers. Just to make the people feel comfortable in the “grey jungle”

3. We remember

What you see above is what happens every year at 01.08 in Warsaw (and not only in Warsaw). 01.08.1944 is a beginning of Warsaw Uprising, people remember it every year by standing for around a minute and not moving. Everything stops: people, buses, cars, and people understand that. Polish people really respect the history and historical moments.

4. We have not only delicious food, but the famous “Milk bars” still exist!

Milk Bar, restaurante típico da era comunista, na Nowe Miasto

Milk Bar (Bar Mleczny) is a typical restaurant from the communism era – you can get a home made, traditional Polish food there and the prices are not expensive. You can get a soup and main course for less than 5 euro in Warsaw, I am serious and it’s not expensive for Poland!

We also have other delicious foods, I will write about it some other day :)

5. A big country, but travelling is easy

If you want to travel between two airports, you can do it for… 5 euro back and forth. No, I am not joking!


These flights are between Warsaw Modlin Airport and Gdańsk and Wrocław. These routes are operated by Ryanair which opened them and they are selling like fresh bread – it’s faster to get to Modlin and then to Gdańsk or Wrocław then to take a bus / train or sometimes even car on these routes.

I could write more and more and more, but I would just stop now :)

Hating Poland

I will not get very much into details here, but I hate my country for a few things. One of them is the society. Polish people consider themselves omniscent. And yes, try having a different opinion. I respect the fact that the other people might think differently till… they start attacking me and forcing me to have the same way of thinking. This happens often, too often…

The other thing is the fact that Polish people really complain a lot. Yes, I complain too, but only when I have the reasons for that. But most of us complain just to complain! There was even a hilarious campaign called “Poland – Come and complain” with videos like this one:

We are also an absolutely depressed nation. And it’s only because of our attitude, not what really happens.

The other thing is that Polish people love to “jump on the bandwagon” in sports, so:

  1. Everyone is a specialist in Ski Jumping – and everyone loved Kamil Stoch when he had great success. Now he is in worse form and people hate him.
  2. Everyone is a specialist in tennis following Agnieszka Radwańska’s success
  3. Everyone is a football fan since we got a good national team finally
  4. Everyone is a volleyball fan after successes we had
  5. Everyone is a handball fan, or.. sorry… was – we did not win any medal on last championships after all, right?!

And so on… :)

I bet that if Poland wins Eurovision everyone would be a specialist on that as well :)

I am still looking forward to coming back to Poland. I love Tallinn, but living in your own country with the right salary is always better :)


4 thoughts on “Poland: I love you and I hate you – at the same time!

    1. Wow! I don’t think there was any country I visited 8 times… ok, maybe except Bulgaria that I used to visit on business. Anyways – feel invited and I am glad there is something you like about it :)

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    1. Yes, Warsaw has horrible drivers (sorry Warsaw) ;-) I have a car but I am planning to use public transport there, I don’t have strong nerves. I fell in love with Warsaw some years ago, but not with the drivers haha

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