Turkey, part 2: Welcome to Bodrum

As I mentioned in my post about Gumbet and Ayaz Aqua Hotel, one day I went for a short trip to Bodrum. I decided to use the organized trip as quite honestly – I did not really know what to do there. Bodrum is located very close to Gumbet and there are regular bus connections between the cities.

We went out of the hotel around 9.30 in the morning and our first stop was… a little bit high. We stopped at a hill at which we could see some old windmills. Those windmills have been used in the past for making flour for the locals. Now they are already quite damaged, but 1 or 2 are still functional. It’s still a very attractive landmark, even though damaged not only by time, but also by… the people. On one of the pictures you can see that some Polish football fans were there, which makes me feel a little bit ashamed.

We were on the hill where we could walk for a little while. This allowed me to take some pictures from above. Our guide said that it is possible to see some Greek islands from there, I was not sure though if I photograph them or not. Anyways, here is what I was able to catch:

The next stop was a Bodrum Gold Shop and as it is a very “posh” store, we could not really take picture there. We went for some guided tour around the store which I found kind of… boring. Of course they tried to sell us stuff afterwards but the prices were way too high for most of Polish tourists. Still – I think that this visit is not interesting and possibly – it’s agreed with local business to get customers. Nevertheless, be aware, I read a lot of reviews about the fact that what they are selling is just… overpriced!

Fortunately, this was not a very long tour and we went further. Our next stop were the remains of the ancient city walls that were originally 7 km long. The place we saw was Myndos Gate. The original hight was unknown but the remains are uneven which you can see on the pictures:

Then, we went to the amphitheater of Bodrum. It’s quite big, but still – looks to be a little “raw” which is not a bad thing at all. When we were there, the scene was being set up as there are some events (like concerts) organized there. So this place is not just a tourist spot, it is also used for the locals:

At the end of our journey we had some time off to buy some souvenirs and just have a walk around Bodrum. Bodrum itself is a nice, small town with a big market, small shops and a lot of nice architecture. I used this time just to walk around and relax and this led to several pictures of the beach and the city:

Without a doubt – beaches in Bodrum are much better than the ones in Gumbet – there is surely more sand and water seems to be a little cleaner (even though it’s the same sea).

Generally speaking, I liked this trip, nevertheless if you are there, you should pay attention to:

  • The cars and drivers: my first question to our tour guide when I saw the cars was “Do they even have any driving rules here?”. It looked like the only rule is “The bigger the car, the more it can do”;
  • Prices – some things are heavily overpriced and as the currency is Lira – it is easy to get lost in the calculation;
  • I have heard about pickpockets, which is normal as it is a tourist place. Be careful with your wallet / bag / bagpack

I think these are the general warnings for this place, but if you are careful – nothing bad will happen. And I also have to admit that going to Bodrum and the area was a very good choice for a one day trip.


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