Winter day in Stroomi

Stroomi is one of the most popular beaches in Tallinn – the second one is Pirita which I still have to visit. As I live very close to Stroomi (just 3 minutes walking) I am there quite often. Today, I decided to take the longer walk on the beach itself and ended up right at the end of it

Today when I woke up (at a pitiful 12:30, but I needed a lot of sleep after a tough week) I saw the sun outside. Those of you who have been to Tallinn (or some other place in the area) for at least a few days would surely know that in this time of a year sun is something extremely rare and seeing it once in a week or less often is nothing unusual. And it did not appear just for 10 minutes like usually which allowed me to make some nice pictures :)

Unfortunately, the sun went down quite fast, but I still was able to enjoy it a little bit. All the shots above are from today, don’t let the clouds confuse you :)

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There were quite a lot of people enjoying the nice weather on the beach. Of course, it’s winter so there were no crowds and walking there was very easy. There were some different visitors though:

mini-P1030426mini-P1030423Ducks on the sea – sounds like a veeery cheap movie title, but that’s how it was :)

I was also quite surprised to find green trees on the beach, it’s winter after all. Ok, probably they are a special, cold-proof type which I obviously don’t know anything about (please excuse my ignorance, I am surely not a tree-expert). This led me to thinking that this place must be just magical in summer (can’t wait!)


I was also able to find the best proof for the fact how fast and often weather changes in Estonia. Blue Sky meets heavy clouds:


Last but not least, I even recorded the video, oh… this sound! Enjoy:

I will try to get to Pirita soon as well, of course if the weather is nice. Maybe tomorrow? We will see, as here it is very hard to predict the weather. It’s full of surprises :)

All the best!



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