Croatian vacation: part 2 – Dubrovnik

Hard day at work gives me some power to write – funny, isn’t it? That is why instead of Friday evening in Europe I chose today to post the second part of my Croatian experience – my trip to Dubrovnik in Croatia or rather – a visit there during my holiday.

Dubrovnik was another stop in my Croatian experience 3 years ago. Of course, as it was the closest airport, we landed there. We also travelled from Dubrovnik to Kalamota island and finally – we came back to Dubrovnik airport at the end of our holidays.

People are definitely telling a lot of nice things about the Old Town. And yes, they are right. Old Town is really unique but if you don’t like overcrowded places – you should not go there in summer. There are a lot of people, it’s crowded, everyone moves slow, but… maybe you should move slow if you are in the south?

Here are some pictures from the Old Town of Dubrovnik:

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Btw – note the way they put the name tags for the streets – it’s really thought through and does not ruin the “old style” of the town

When I mention the south…yes, Dubrovnik is located in the southern Croatia and from my feeling – it’s more Italian than Balkan. Nevertheless, it’s also the place where I ate the most horrible pizza in my whole life, so maybe it’s not as Italian after all ;) Locals seem to be very friendly and they smiled a lot to me (I hope that they just did not laugh at me though ;) ).

Dubrovnik is maybe not a super-entertaining place, but the Old Town is spectacular. We all know that 20-something years ago in this part of Europe the war took place. Of course, some of Dubrovnik was damaged as well, but now the damages are not visible anymore. And also, that’s why when you are entering to the Old Town you feel like you have just entered a big castle without a roof – it’s all because the high walls that were used for defence in the past.

If we come to the architecture, it reminds me a bit of Kotor (though just slightly) and… Malta. Yes, I have never been to Malta, but if someone shown me the pictures of Valetta for example and then – some from Dubrovnik – I might be confused. The one thing that would make them different are the red roofs of Dubrovnik.

Anyways, see yourself. I managed to take those shots in the transfer bus from the airport to Dubrovnik harbour:


But what really is the best thing about Dubrovnik according to me? I think it’s the fact that there are houses located just by the sea and on the hill. This gives unforgettable views. Also – if you are lucky enough to reach the highest points of the town, you can make fantastic pictures. Just like the ones above :)

I also made some pictures while I was walking around the harbour. Of course, it’s not as “spectacular” as the Old Town, but I also had a very good impression on the town. Here are some pictures:


These two are done while walking from Konzum store to the bus stop that takes you to the Old Town – the architecture there is quite typical for Dubrovnik

I was also taking tons of pictures from the bus and boat that took me and fellow travellers to Kolocep island. I got really impressed with the views:

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To sum up, Dubrovnik really has a unique atmosphere. And believe me – no picture and no video would show how great this place is. If you have never been there – you have to go there for at least a day or 2!


2 thoughts on “Croatian vacation: part 2 – Dubrovnik

    1. Yes, may might be all right (though I am not sure if the weather is not changing too much then) and there would be definitely less people on the Old Town then. I was there in August and you can see the amount of people then on some pictures ;-)

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