Croatian vacation: part 1

As I mentioned in my post about Kotor in Montenegro – this was just a one day excursion from my original point of holidays – Croatia. I have been to the small island called Koločep (or Kalamota – the island has 2 names actually). I also had an opportunity to visit Dubrovnik (which I would describe in the second part).

I chose Croatia in my last minute decision – quite honestly I got my holidays approved very late and it turned out I can spend 2 weeks out of office in August. I realized that Croatia is not overpriced and generally speaking – a lot of Polish people choose this option. Also – it is considered to be a really lovely place where Poles are not hated ;-)

When I was introduced to Koločep in the holiday office – I was excited. It was a very hard time of my life – full of stress, overworking and no personal life (I devoted myself to work pretty much seriously). I needed to go to some quiet place without parties, large families, tons of small children – just to relax.

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Here are few shots from the hotel and the island, just marvellous!

In the island there is just one hotel. When I went there, it was called Hotel Villas Koločep – but it changed its name now (I think it’s called Sensimar Kalamota Island Resort). Apart from the hotel, there are only people’s houses (there are 100-something inhabitants) and guest houses – most of them overlook the sea.

And the sea… yes, it’s very clean. It has a green colour, but you can see through it. Literally, it’s like a glass :)


My shade and the sea – yes, there is some water there even though it’s hard to believe!

The Hotel was called “Hotel Villas” because it was not one building, but a lot of separate houses. And as the island is a tiny mountain – those houses required to take a walk on a lot of steps. Sometimes it was tiring, especially when you had luggage.


The buildings in the background are the part of the hotel – they are those “villas”

The Island itself is rather small. When I visited, from “normal life” facilities it had one grocery store (small one, type of a tiny supermarket without self-service), two more restaurants/cafes (additional to the ones hotel had) and several beaches. Here, small information: when I say beaches in this part of Croatia, I do not mean the sand beaches, I mean – the rock beaches. There are also nude beaches (so called FKK) if someone is interested. I think there were 2 of them in 2013. The only sand beach I saw was next to the hotel. It was not big though. I heard there is a second one too, but I could not find it.

The only thing that I can complain about is the fact that some rooms had shared balconies. I was sharing one unfortunately, but still – I felt secure and I was not worried to dry my clothes there. Here are some views:


One more warning – sea urchins. They are everywhere around the island. When I was swimming in the sea, I always wore the safety shoes. Yes, they might be a tiny bit uncomfortable, but at least I did not get any injury because of these little creatures.


I am calling them “feet savers” as some of the sea urchins lost their battle with these ;)

As mentioned, Kalamota is a small island. But it does not mean you cannot get lost. I had 2 stories I want to share – one – when a local man shown me not to go to the place where I was walking (just a walking path to the top of the island). Instead – he told me to go on the nudist beach. Ok, maybe he though I want to go there, but I realized that I am actually entering the private area :) The second thing was similar – I was just walking and I saw some fruit bushes. I wanted to get some, but then I saw that this is a private area (at least I took a picture). The inhabitants of the island seem to be very protective about their privacy – which is quite understandable as they are just a small community. So better not to get anywhere close to private properties.


Private fruit – don’t take it ;)

Obviously, if you are on the island that is not connected with any “land” with a road (e.g. with a bridge) you are dependant on the sea transport. There are ferries a few times a day that go from Šipan, Lopud Koločep to Dubrovnik. The ride from Dubrovnik to the first island (Koločep) takes 30 minutes. The cost is 19 kuna one side – that’s about 2,5 euro. The biggest minus is the fact that this ferry goes only few times a day, even in summer. An alternative transport is a sea-taxi, but oh boy – they are very expensive! Not worth taking if you are on your own, that’s for sure.

Once, I had to wait for 3 hours in Dubrovnik before I took a ferry. Of course, I walked around a bit, I did the grocery shopping etc. but I still waited for like 1,5 hours doing nothing :) Also, the prices on the island supermarket were so high (the cheapest bottle of water for 1,5 euro is a little bit too much!) it was cheaper to go to Dubrovnik and shop at Konzum :)

Last but not least – when I was in the island of Kalamota, I felt happy (probably because of the sun), relaxed (probably because of the lifestyle) and I could see myself living there in the future. Well, who knows…even lamps are smiling there!


Soon – in the part 2 – some pictures from Dubrovnik and Croatia in general.

Have a nice evening!



5 thoughts on “Croatian vacation: part 1

  1. I have been only there, but I really loved it :) I think there are flights from Tallinn and Helsinki to Split – I just need to save a little bit and I am definitely going there :)


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