Some pictures from Poland: Augustów

I made a decision to finally sort my digital pictures. I checked my external hard drive and it turned out I have quite a lot of older ones, for example – from 2012. Today’s post would include some picture that have been taken in March 2012, but still – the things that are on the pictures have been left unchanged since then :)

Today’s pictures would come from Augustów. This is a very popular tourist town that is located in North-Eastern Poland, just 30 km from my home town. Augustów is popular amongst tourists from the whole country, but also – they have Russian and Lithuanian visitors. There are several cheap acomodations, but also – 3 bigger SPA hotels. The one which I stay at is called “Hotel Warszawa SPA & Resort” and is located just after you enter the town from the side of the city of Suwałki.

In 2012 hotel did not have a swimming pool and I think after 4 years it is still not there. I was very satisfied though with the rest of SPA equipment and treatments. I remember that I paid around 300 euro for 4 days stay + treatments + meals. This was a decent price for sure!

For this price I got a simple room, with not so excellent view (backyard), but at least I had a small balcony. Since the hotel is located in the forest, it’s very quiet and I really felt relaxed :) The standard room in 2012 looked like that:


The standard room in Hotel Warszawa – sorry for the “phone” quality and bad angle.

Around the hotel

The hotel itself is located around 3-4 kilometres from the centre of Augustów. Of course, if you’d like to walk for 10 minutes, you will reach some grocery stores etc., but if you’d like to go to the center – it’s more like 40 minutes walk. Though for relaxation – it’s obvious that the location is just excellent.

I have visited the hotel a little bit “off season” – I have been there at the end of March in 2012 – none of the outside attractions were working as it was too cold, but for walks and relaxing – it was excellent. March that year was not warm. The lake, called Necko, was still partly frozen. This helped me in taking some marvellous pictures of the lake itself.


This space and feel of freedom was something that I really enjoyed. I also went there to enjoy some sunsets and here is how it ended up in the camera of my phone:


Is it possible not to relax when you have such views?

March in Poland is usually sunny once in a while – definitely it’s more positive than winter months which (just like in Estonia) are dark, cloudly and depressing. After the breakfast I went for a walk and took some more pictures of the area:


Very nice, very natural and absolutely silent places!

Sooner or later I am also planning to make a similar visit to some SPA hotel in Estonia. I am thinking to go to Saaremaa Island – some of my friends have been there and told me it’s an excellent location and great value for money.

Anyway, soon I will continue clearing my pile of pictures, so you can expect me to put some more here (some of them – never published even on my private Facebook).

PS. If you’d like to be notified about my post faster than via email, I am also posting my newest posts on my Facebook page, which you can find here.

Have a lovely Sunday!



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