Fantastic weekend in Tallinn (pictures included)

This weekend in Tallinn we had some really nice temperatures. I think it was -24 degrees Celsius on Sunday, which combined with a wind was extremely cold! I think the real feel was around -34. But anyway, I spent some nice time with my friends, who have never been to Tallinn before.

In Tallinn it is very normal to have the temperatures below 0 in winter. It is still the warmest place in Estonia during winter (at least in mainland Estonia, it might be warmer on the islands). But -24 is a little bit extreme, especially while just a month ago it was still like +10.

Anyways, we saw some very nice places, I did not make so many pictures but some of the shots I made (both with mobile and normal camera) are stunning. And that is why I want to share them with you today!

On Saturday my friends met the other friend of theirs and went first to the Old Town. I have obviously been there like 100 of times, so I skipped it and we met in the terrace of Radisson Hotel, just a few minutes walk from the Old Town. Tallinn does not have many high roofs, but this one, located on the 24th floor, gives great views of Tallinn harbour, Old Town and the Center.

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Slideshow: several views from the rooftop of Radisson Blu Hotel in Tallinn

Then we went to Kadriorg. You can get there easily with the tram number 1 and 3. Kadriorg is a very nice park with a famous palace and also presidential palace. But our destination was KUMU – Museum of Art in Tallinn. There are several exhibitions there – we have seen the one from 19th century and modern art from Iceland. Unfortunately the floor with 20th century was closed at that time. Happens…

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Slideshow: KUMU, some pictures from the museum – it’s really worth seeing, and those pictures are not giving the whole experience, so go there :)

On Sunday we had a fantastic walk on the Baltic Sea. It was very cold as I mentioned (-24 at least) and the sea was all frozen. We could go pretty far away without risking anything.

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Slideshow: this is how Baltic Sea looks when frozen and when you stand on it, Stroomi Beach in Pelguranna

I hope that this can show you that Tallinn is really worth seeing not only in the Old Town (nevertheless, Old Town is amazing too).

PS. This post should go to my travel blog which I wanted to run separately, but instead – I decided to concentrate on one of these, and Adam’s world would be the one. Soon you might find more options, new design and more pictures, but I won’t promise when and what will happen ;)

Have a good week!



3 thoughts on “Fantastic weekend in Tallinn (pictures included)

    1. You’re welcome, I am glad you liked them. As a foreigner in Estonia I had some problems with blending in at the beginning, but the longer I live here, the more beautiful spots I find. Have a nice stay in Tallinn next week – I hope the weather will be better than now :)

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