Suwałki: Relaxing by the river

As you know I live in Warsaw but there are times where I am considering coming back to my home town. My home town is small, but it does not mean it’s boring. There are places where you can go out and also you can find something for nature lovers. Like Czarna Hańcza river.

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Just some random Kraków pictures

Yes, I know last time I posted was like billion years ago, however I decided to spend this evening to share some of Kraków – you can know it as Cracow as well which is a commonly used English name for this city in Poland. I was there last weekend and I made some pictures of the places that I visited. I must say that I am not surprised that this city is very popular amongst tourists!

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Mirów – my area with a history

Oh God… I have not written anything for a longer while, but these days were a bit too busy for me. Today I would like to take you for a small walk around my block – for some of you it might be scary, for the others – quite interesting. So today I would like to tell you a bit about Mirów neighbourhood in Wola district where I live.

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