Warsaw’s church towers

Today, I would like to show you some small “photo-walk” that I did in Warsaw over the past few days. I never put enough attention to lots of very nice churches in the city. And I must admit that they are really stunning and they are almost everywhere.

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Is it worth to go to Polish seaside during winter (not only money-wise)?

When I told to some of my friends at work that I have decided to come to Polish seaside at the beginning of March, they asked me if I am crazy or stupid. They did not know though that I simply needed some rest from what I have in a crowded city on a daily basis. And yes, my vacation was boring as hell. But also – the best I could choose out of all the options.

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Poland update: Trade ban on Sundays – tips and workarounds for visitors and expats

Did you know that on some Sundays you might have some problems with shopping in Poland? At the beginning of March 2018, Sunday trade ban was introduced for stores in the whole country. This change does not apply to all Sundays yet, but soon it will be applicable to every Sunday. If you are visiting Poland or you are in a desperate need of buying some stuff on Sunday while in Poland – here are some useful tips for you!

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